How To Clear Your Laptop Storage Space

Windows Disk Cleanup

Compared to a desktop computer, a laptop has a smaller hard drive which means it can easily ran out of storage space. With all the applications, photos, music, text documents and movies that are saved through time, a hard drive can quickly fill up. For this reason, laptop owners need to regularly clean up disk […]

Tools to Help Track Your Stolen Laptop

stolen laptop

There have been numerous cases of laptops getting lost or stolen around the world. Some are due to carelessness while in some cases, they are intentionally stolen due to the dark motives of individuals or organizations. But with technology becoming more advanced these days, law enforcers and tech savvy laptop owners are better able to […]

Laptops Ideal for Lawyers


Laptops are most preferred by people on the go including businessmen and lawyers. Being a portable device, it’s easy to carry it around enabling you to work anywhere you want. But with a wide choice of laptops in terms of brands and specs these days, it can be real challenge selecting the one that suits […]

How Lawyers are Using the Tablet Today

Law-Firms using mobile technology

The legal industry is fast catching up with the latest technology. Today, it has embraced mobile technology most especially the tablet and the smartphone which have become very important gadgets not only to private individuals but as well as to business organizations. Tech experts agree that the tablet and other mobile devices can be used […]

Paperless Reading Vs. Traditional Reading


  In this day and age, it is impossible to see a person without a handheld device, particularly a mobile phone. Even third world countries (in which most mobile materials are set up) are tech savvy, even a 3-year old or the oldest person in the family has the knowledge about gadgets. Anywhere and everyone now […]

Effective Ways to Use the Tablet in a Restaurant Business

Tablet used in business

The tablet today is more than just a mobile gadget for entertainment, social networking and checking emails while on the go. For the business owners particularly those managing restaurants or food chains, the portable device has become a very useful business tool. In a restaurant business, technology is also of utmost importance and the tablet […]

How to Stay Securely Connected on the Go


The invention of netbooks maybe very we’ll be the best thing that has happened for techies on the go. This is especially true for people who rely heavily on their laptops, whether for work or play; and with the culture evolving into one that is connected whenever, wherever, the size and weight of netbooks are […]

Instagram: From Mobile to PC

Instagram for the web

Instagram has made leaps and bounds since it was launched in 2010 and purchased by Facebook in 2012. The December 2013 stats showed that the active users of the network on a monthly basis reach 150 million while on a daily basis, the number of users is more than 75 million. So far, the total […]

Laptop Accessories to Watch Out For from Kickstarter


There is always an easier way of doing things. While not everything will be as much fun as Kickstarter games , the recent innovations as seen through many crowd sourcing project proposals are proofs that many are at work in making life more convenient, functional, and fun. Just look at these interesting laptop accessories from […]

The Case for Netbooks (Versus Tablets)

Hands of a young woman

Source Don’t get me wrong – I cannot imagine my life without my iPad. Ever since I got my first tablet a couple of years ago, it has become an integral part of my routine; and I am not just talking about downtime or leisure time. I am also referring to my work routine. However, […]