Effective Ways to Use the Tablet in a Restaurant Business

The tablet today is more than just a mobile gadget for entertainment, social networking and checking emails while on the go. For the business owners particularly those managing restaurants or food chains, the portable device has become a very useful business tool.

In a restaurant business, technology is also of utmost importance and the tablet can be used creatively in a variety of ways.

Tablet used in business

Primarily, it can be utilized as a point of sales machine as well as a tool to allow customers to view menus and for servers to take orders. More »

How to Stay Securely Connected on the Go

The invention of netbooks maybe very we’ll be the best thing that has happened for techies on the go. This is especially true for people who rely heavily on their laptops, whether for work or play; and with the culture evolving into one that is connected whenever, wherever, the size and weight of netbooks are hard to beat.


Another awesome thing we can be thankful for is the ease – and affordability – of access to mobile Internet. Whether you are fortunate enough to have an unlimited data plan or you pay per use, the fact that you can get connected wherever (as long as your telco is good enough) is pretty amazing, don’t you think? More »

Instagram: From Mobile to PC

Instagram has made leaps and bounds since it was launched in 2010 and purchased by Facebook in 2012. The December 2013 stats showed that the active users of the network on a monthly basis reach 150 million while on a daily basis, the number of users is more than 75 million. So far, the total number of photos shared on the site is at 16 billion as of October 2013.

Instagram for the web

For the past year, Instagram also made a major achievement by introducing the web profiles. With this development, desktop and laptop users now enjoy Instagram as much as mobile users do. Thanks to the decision of the people behind this top photo sharing site to launch the Instagram feed that lets users log in to see the photographic activity of their friends and favorite celebrities and other public figures.

The web version of Instagram feed features the same functionality as its mobile version. To use it, users just need to log in and then they can browse through the photos, double click on it to like it or type a comment through the in-line commenting system. More »

Laptop Accessories to Watch Out For from Kickstarter

There is always an easier way of doing things. While not everything will be as much fun as Kickstarter games , the recent innovations as seen through many crowd sourcing project proposals are proofs that many are at work in making life more convenient, functional, and fun. Just look at these interesting laptop accessories from various product developers.

SideCar: Laptop to Tablet Connector


The SideCar is simply a device that allows users to attach the tablet to the laptop for easy mobile dual-display computing. With no messy adhesive or complicated attachments to deal with, this product offers the simplest way to work between devices. Although initially compatible to Apple products only, the end goal is to make it usable for all kinds of laptops and tablets. The creator of SideCar has recently added another device for attaching the iPhone as well.

The Roost – Stop hunching over your laptop!



The Roost is an ultra portable device that easily transforms a laptop into a desktop workstation. It helps users maintain good posture while working by  elevating the laptop screen to the required height to eliminate hunching. It can be brought anywhere and will make it easier for users to work longer in comfort when necessary.

AirSlab – Laptop Cooling Stand & Pad


The AirSlab is a laptop cooling pad made of walnut, eucalyptus, and cork. It is meant to be a simple fix to the problem of laptop heat. This is a natural alternative to the plastic laptop cooling pads available in the market today.

DigiPlate | Mounting system for your laptop



The DigiPlate is a simple mounting system for laptops specifically with its use in photography.  This is a device that will allow laptops to be mounted in various places for creative works. The design makes the expansion limitless.

ZenDock – The best dock for your Macbook and MACBOOK AIR!


Zendock is touted to be the most elegant docking solution to select laptops.  It will allow users to connect to high quality speakers (optical or standard), microphone,Magsafe power, Ethernet, and even other USB devices in a single connection. It is a product that was meant by the creators to work without getting in the way.

The Case for Netbooks (Versus Tablets)

Hands of a young woman


Don’t get me wrong – I cannot imagine my life without my iPad. Ever since I got my first tablet a couple of years ago, it has become an integral part of my routine; and I am not just talking about downtime or leisure time. I am also referring to my work routine.

However, there is still something to be said about netbooks; and that’s what this post is all about. In this day and age of tablets and phablets, why would anyone want to lug a netbook around? More »

Effective Ways to Clean Your LCD Computer Monitor

Most computer users today have moved to using the LCD or flat screen monitor. This type is lighter and features better resolution compared to the old and bulkier one. It lets people view documents, videos and movies in a clearer manner thereby providing them with a less stressful experience whether doing tasks online or offline.

Sadly, not all computer owners take care of their hardware. Most will only take action when they’re PC is already showing signs of trouble. They fail to clean and maintain their device on a regular basis to ensure its continued peak performance.

cleaning a PC monitor

The computer monitor should not be taken for granted. Remember, it is the device that lets you see everything from documents and photos to videos and movies. And although it can go without frequent cleaning, PC owners should still find time to take off the dust and dirt on it on a regular basis. More »

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Online Storage for Data Backup Solutions

I am a big proponent of data backups at regular intervals in order to avoid problems or bad accidents. The nature of technology is parity and duplication. But hard drives are known to fail, and not everything always goes according to plan. It is often best to keep yourself organized by making local backups easy to perform and easy to sift through.

A solution many techies have avoided is performing online data backups. These are handled through cloud storage companies that offer limits on HDD space. But their services are often very reliable, with almost 100% uptime. This means you can tunnel in to grab copies of your backups at any time. You can even do this from another computer if you have Internet access.
More »

Choosing The Best Antivirus Program For Android Tablets

Google Android Security - Virus Scan

If you have just picked up a new ASUS Fonepad, Galaxy Tab 10.1, or any other Android-based tablet you will likely want to secure your personal information. Studies have shown that the Android OS is prone to malware and virus attacks at every turn.

Thankfully the Google Play store and other Android marketplaces offer a wide variety of consumer and enterprise solutions.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android™ Tablets

This piece of software is not only free, it is also stacked with useful features. Not only can AVG protect your Android tablet from viruses, it also monitors apps for often discovered malware.

This best in class software offers the ability to track stolen devices and remotely wipe data to protect a users personal information.

AVG even monitors battery usage, storage, and data capacity.

Throw in free support and it’s easy to see why this free AntiVirus software from AVG has been so well received. More »

How Families Can Agree on Computer Use

A family that has one desk-top computer and one laptop computer for its use is fairly covered for their expected needs. When both parents and children both have needs for computer use, it is really difficult when there is only one unit available for use. With work requirements pulling the parents on one side and children being pulled from the other end by school requirements, there are bound to be sacrifices on both sides.


Computer Needs of Parents

Parents whose job or business is based at home will have constant need for the use of computers. Computer use becomes a regular part of home life. There is a tendency to have need for the computer all the time especially when there are no set hours for a business.

Computer Needs of Children

Children’s needs for computer use is increasing because of the demands of school work. Usually, their need to use the computer will be immediate because of the requirement to submit an assignment the next day.  This creates a problem for families who need to agree on computer use that will serve the purpose of all.

Possible Solutions

1. Set specific time for the use of each so that everyone will have the chance to use the computer.

2. If the required use for the computer is not solved by time sharing, parents should consider purchasing another computer for the use of either the parent or the child.

3. If purchasing another computer becomes the only option, find the most family-friendly option in tems of budget and functionality.

Asus X501U

The Asus X501U is a laptop that is both budget-friendly and family-friendly in features. It comes with an impressive 320BG hard drive  which is ideal for storing a lot of videos, photos, files, and documents. Its slim design comes with a 15 inch screen. It also provides ports that will enable charging of gadgets and devices.

Although it does not come with the full Microsoft package, it is still quite functional for student use especially as it comes with Windows 8 OS. Parents need not actually bother themselves with the absence of some features since these are the ones that are not really needed for school use. This budget laptop will serve its purpose for the family and that it was is important.

Asus has made it easier for families to address needs like this by offering lower cost laptops. Purchasing a laptop has become quite realistic and affordable. when families find it impossible to agree on the use of a single computer, it is probably time to buy another which will not wreck havoc on the family budget.

Touchscreen Laptops: The Upside and the Downside

The coming of the touchscreen laptops was inevitable. It had to come sooner or later and it is a reality now. If you’re looking for a new laptop to purchase, why should you consider it and why not?


Touch controls were introduced through Windows 7 but with the recently rolled out Windows 8, there are more reasons to use them plus the multi-touch gestures. All these new things being introduced are pretty exciting  but there is still time to consider if you will be one of those who will choose to buy a touchscreen laptop. While the touchscreen is an obvious choice for tablets, it is still anyone’s choice to choose it for desktops or laptops.

The Upside

The Touchscreen technology on laptops present its advantages through easy navigation around applications. It is far easier than using the track pads provided in laptops. This is especially for laptops having track pads that cannot support other tasks. Convenience of use is evident.

The Downside

The Touchscreen option has a tendency to use more power than the traditional way of using a laptop. Although relatively small, the continuous power draw will shorten battery life. That is of course a concern with laptops which is more commonly used in its portable state. This means no need to connect to a regular outlet.

Laptops with Touchscreen are more expensive than non-Touchscreen laptops. The difference is price can be substantial  ranging from $100 to about$200. It is possible to find a touchscreen laptop at a lower price but this will come with a sacrifice in relation to the other features such as CPU performance, storage, and the like.

Using a touchscreen laptop will present some challenges in keeping the screen clean. This is the result of course of touching the screen which what is the feature is all about anyway. Users just need to be more conscientious on clearing the display panel of smudges and accumulated grime.

Would You Choose a Touchscreen Laptop?

It really is a matter of preference. The beauty of having choices is that we get what we like depending on our personal circumstances. If you choose a Touchscreen laptop, make sure that it can perform according to what you need and you’ll be happy with it.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.


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