Turn an Eee PC 701 into a digital frame

Since we’re going retro and all with the Eee PC 701, let me share you this post I found from Awooga: how to turn an Eee PC 701 into a digital photo frame.

Want to install OS X on your Eee?

OS X Compatibility chart

Boing Boing has a chart listing down what works and what doesn’t when you install Hackintosh on your netbook. Apparently the MSI Wind and Dell Mini 9 winds.

Black Leather Mod Eee

This awesome Eee PC 901 mod has been showcased at EeePCnews.de. This mod was done by Eee PC.ru forum member Nikussan, who calls his project “Oперация Антиглянец” (Operation Anti-Gloss).

Any brave soul willing to try this?


Extending the life of your Eee PC 70xs

If you have an old Eee PC 70x lying around, check out this thread from the Eee User forum.

User RandyLude92 has managed to hack his way around his old Eee PC.

According to Eee User:

Eeeuser forum member RandyLude92 has a long forum thread detailing how he managed to retrieve the larger screen from the 90x and maneuver it into the 70x. This involves carefully lifting the screen from the 90x, placing it into the 70x and even updating the BIOS to support the larger screen (to remove the screen size limitation, otherwise the whole screen would not be properly utilised).

Obviously, this is not for the faint of heart. Go ahead if you’re feeling adventurous.

How to make a 12-cell Eee PC battery

Eee Battery

User TenaciousDre from the Eee User forums posted a guide on how to make a 12 cell 701 battery. Charging time can last up to 12 hours, but the charge can give you 8 hours of juice.

Macbook air clone runs OS X

Macbook air wannabees are probably a dime a dozen. Everytime I visit a computer shop, there seems to be another Macbook air knock-off that promises to be the thinnest and lightest computer I’ll ever use. Okay, then, good for you guys. But they’re all running Windows, so you know, it’s kind of a dealbreaker. I mean, if you’re going for a Macbook air clone, then you just have to go for the full experience, right?

This Chinese computer manufacturer created yet another Macbook air knockoff that not only inherits the original’s good looks, but it also has almost-identical packaging! M.C. Gadget says that the box is indistinguishable from the ones produced in Cupertino. Also, the packaging is really convincing. If it wasn’t made from plastic – instead of aluminum, like the original – it may even fool a lot of people. More »

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RunCore 64GB SSD on the Asus Eee PC 901

Test Freaks recently was able to replace the built-in SSD on the Asus Eee PC 901, benchmark it.


Now, installing it (on the 901 at least) is a breeze, because you can just use the built-in screwdriver to open your 901’s guts and remove the current 4GB SSD. Putting it back in would be the easiest thing in the world I would presume. Well, according to Test Freaks, it’ll just take two screws, and then we’re ready to go. More »

Hackintosh Compatibility Chart

If you’re wondering which netbook to buy so you can install Hackintosh on it, this handy chart will give you the pros and cons of each netbook.

Also, read Gizmodo’s complete guide.

Overclock your Eee PC 1101 HA

As you can see from the screenshot, this is is the BIOS of an Eee PC 1101 HA, and there is an option that enabled that users would be able to adjust a BIOS setting to modify the values used by the Super Hybrid Engine.

Hack a trackball into your Eee

This guide from Plasti-Bots will help you hack a trackball into your Eee. It worked for a 901, but what’s going to stop you from installing one on your netbook?


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