The Eee PC 1101HA’s battery life is awesome

Asus’ first 11.6 inch netbook’s battery life is great, according to a review by Laptop Magazine. Come on, it can run for 8 hours and 44 minutes on a charge with the included 6 cell battery. How cool is that?

Well, not really. Because it runs on the 1.33HGz Intel Atom Z520 CPU and Intel GMA 500 graphics, you sacrifice a bit of computing power for longer battery life.

But really, if you don’t mind losing some juice for longer battery life, go ahead and get the 1101HA.

Also, it’s pretty.


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    Would love to know what kind of font this is that you use for your posts.

    Not for the links but for the text in your entries. I don’t know why but it looks beautiful to me.

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