The Case for Netbooks (Versus Tablets)

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Don’t get me wrong – I cannot imagine my life without my iPad. Ever since I got my first tablet a couple of years ago, it has become an integral part of my routine; and I am not just talking about downtime or leisure time. I am also referring to my work routine.

However, there is still something to be said about netbooks; and that’s what this post is all about. In this day and age of tablets and phablets, why would anyone want to lug a netbook around?

There’s really only one thing to say about this: Some things are just done more easily on netbooks.

Of course, your needs are paramount here. If you only want to check Facebook, tweet, and play mobile games, then a tablet or phabelt – or a smartphone – is more than enough. However, if you work online and you actually like getting things done while on the go, then a netbook does the job best.

For example, if you manage blogs or web sites, the chances are that you will be doing some tweaking regularly. Working at a coffee shop is the trend these days, and while a tablet is great for portability, working on the back end such as design is just not easy on a tablet. You can still browse resources such as WP Themes, but then, when you want to actually implement changes, often, a netbook suits the task best.

Even when it comes to publishing content, I find that having a real keyboard to work on is the most efficient way for me. Sure, you get used to the virtual keyboard on the iPad. You can even purchase an external keyboard. I have to say, though, that nothing beats a real keyboard.

Another task that I regularly do is copying and pasting. When I compile job listings for a site I manage, I need to open lots – and I mean lots – of tabs in one browser and then copy-paste them one by one as hyperlinks. I have done this on the iPad – yes, it’s doable, but the task took me at least double the time it normally takes me. Again, the netbook wins this round.

As I said earlier, it’s all about the nature of the tasks that you will be doing. If you’re serious about getting work done efficiently on the road, then the case for netbooks is closed – on a positive note.


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