Online Storage for Data Backup Solutions

I am a big proponent of data backups at regular intervals in order to avoid problems or bad accidents. The nature of technology is parity and duplication. But hard drives are known to fail, and not everything always goes according to plan. It is often best to keep yourself organized by making local backups easy to perform and easy to sift through.

A solution many techies have avoided is performing online data backups. These are handled through cloud storage companies that offer limits on HDD space. But their services are often very reliable, with almost 100% uptime. This means you can tunnel in to grab copies of your backups at any time. You can even do this from another computer if you have Internet access.
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Choosing The Best Antivirus Program For Android Tablets

Google Android Security - Virus Scan

If you have just picked up a new ASUS Fonepad, Galaxy Tab 10.1, or any other Android-based tablet you will likely want to secure your personal information. Studies have shown that the Android OS is prone to malware and virus attacks at every turn.

Thankfully the Google Play store and other Android marketplaces offer a wide variety of consumer and enterprise solutions.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android™ Tablets

This piece of software is not only free, it is also stacked with useful features. Not only can AVG protect your Android tablet from viruses, it also monitors apps for often discovered malware.

This best in class software offers the ability to track stolen devices and remotely wipe data to protect a users personal information.

AVG even monitors battery usage, storage, and data capacity.

Throw in free support and it’s easy to see why this free AntiVirus software from AVG has been so well received. More »

How Families Can Agree on Computer Use

A family that has one desk-top computer and one laptop computer for its use is fairly covered for their expected needs. When both parents and children both have needs for computer use, it is really difficult when there is only one unit available for use. With work requirements pulling the parents on one side and children being pulled from the other end by school requirements, there are bound to be sacrifices on both sides.


Computer Needs of Parents

Parents whose job or business is based at home will have constant need for the use of computers. Computer use becomes a regular part of home life. There is a tendency to have need for the computer all the time especially when there are no set hours for a business.

Computer Needs of Children

Children’s needs for computer use is increasing because of the demands of school work. Usually, their need to use the computer will be immediate because of the requirement to submit an assignment the next day.  This creates a problem for families who need to agree on computer use that will serve the purpose of all.

Possible Solutions

1. Set specific time for the use of each so that everyone will have the chance to use the computer.

2. If the required use for the computer is not solved by time sharing, parents should consider purchasing another computer for the use of either the parent or the child.

3. If purchasing another computer becomes the only option, find the most family-friendly option in tems of budget and functionality.

Asus X501U

The Asus X501U is a laptop that is both budget-friendly and family-friendly in features. It comes with an impressive 320BG hard drive  which is ideal for storing a lot of videos, photos, files, and documents. Its slim design comes with a 15 inch screen. It also provides ports that will enable charging of gadgets and devices.

Although it does not come with the full Microsoft package, it is still quite functional for student use especially as it comes with Windows 8 OS. Parents need not actually bother themselves with the absence of some features since these are the ones that are not really needed for school use. This budget laptop will serve its purpose for the family and that it was is important.

Asus has made it easier for families to address needs like this by offering lower cost laptops. Purchasing a laptop has become quite realistic and affordable. when families find it impossible to agree on the use of a single computer, it is probably time to buy another which will not wreck havoc on the family budget.

Touchscreen Laptops: The Upside and the Downside

The coming of the touchscreen laptops was inevitable. It had to come sooner or later and it is a reality now. If you’re looking for a new laptop to purchase, why should you consider it and why not?


Touch controls were introduced through Windows 7 but with the recently rolled out Windows 8, there are more reasons to use them plus the multi-touch gestures. All these new things being introduced are pretty exciting  but there is still time to consider if you will be one of those who will choose to buy a touchscreen laptop. While the touchscreen is an obvious choice for tablets, it is still anyone’s choice to choose it for desktops or laptops.

The Upside

The Touchscreen technology on laptops present its advantages through easy navigation around applications. It is far easier than using the track pads provided in laptops. This is especially for laptops having track pads that cannot support other tasks. Convenience of use is evident.

The Downside

The Touchscreen option has a tendency to use more power than the traditional way of using a laptop. Although relatively small, the continuous power draw will shorten battery life. That is of course a concern with laptops which is more commonly used in its portable state. This means no need to connect to a regular outlet.

Laptops with Touchscreen are more expensive than non-Touchscreen laptops. The difference is price can be substantial  ranging from $100 to about$200. It is possible to find a touchscreen laptop at a lower price but this will come with a sacrifice in relation to the other features such as CPU performance, storage, and the like.

Using a touchscreen laptop will present some challenges in keeping the screen clean. This is the result of course of touching the screen which what is the feature is all about anyway. Users just need to be more conscientious on clearing the display panel of smudges and accumulated grime.

Would You Choose a Touchscreen Laptop?

It really is a matter of preference. The beauty of having choices is that we get what we like depending on our personal circumstances. If you choose a Touchscreen laptop, make sure that it can perform according to what you need and you’ll be happy with it.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.

Is it Possible to Host a Website From Home?

To the question “Is it possible to host a website from home?” , the answer is yes. To the question as to “Should you host your own website at home?”, the probable answer is it depends. Hosting a website on your own computer at home can be inconvenient although it can be a great learning opportunity.

File:FEMA - 33523 - Contractor at a computer in California watching mobile home progress.jpg


Why Consider Hosting Your Own Website from Home

If there would be any compelling reason at all to try hosting your own website at home, that would be because you like to experience it and hopefully learn from it. Other than that, there is no other probable reason to try it because it would require time, money, and effort from the person who wishes to pursue the option. One thing though, there is no better learning experience about understanding how web hosting works than hosting your own website.

You will literally start from the ground up when you try to host your website in your own personal computer. The basic requirements are of course the computer, cable modem, and high-speed Internet connection. The faster the speed provided, the better it is for the intended self-hosting because of the expected video and audio files that need to be accommodated.

A DNS host-name must be obtained for the home Internet connection and a local IP address for the computer. With proper configuration of router and firewall, communication becomes possible. Get a web server program that is of high quality and make your own webpage to replace the default home page. You can check if your effort is successful by accessing the website through another computer. One very critical thing about self-hosted websites is the need for the computer to remain on and connected to the Internet. When this is gone, so will the website since the computer functions as the server. It would be a wise move to use an old computer for this purpose. This lessens the risk and keeps the often-used computer safe. It has to be noted that running any kind of server at home always presents security risks.

The Web Hosting Service Option

Getting the services of a web hosting service provider is the more practical option. Users will have to consider the fact though that not all provided services the same. It would be a smart move to check on all possible options like those found in No one can prevent you from trying to make your own server but odds are great that you will eventually opt for the  web hosting service option for regular use.

How Internet Changed the Way We Live

To say that Internet changed the way people live is clearly an understatement. It has and is expected to continue doing so for many more years to come until the next big thing comes along. The change is almost all-encompassing since it touches on the varied aspects of human life as we know it.


Increased Abilities and Possibilities

The Internet or access to it has given people increased abilities and possibilities when it comes to reaching their personal and business goals. For one, it has successfully defeated the perennial problem of time and geographical boundaries and limitations. Internet has also provided access to information in a magnitude never before known in human history. The freedom it allows for self-expression is almost without bounds that many can imagine themselves having a certain degree of power, influence, or authority over others.

Communication has also become a lot easier and cheaper, not to mention instantaneous and accessible as the next Internet-connected computer or gadget. Creating and maintaining personal and business relationships have also been reinvented with the absence of direct and face-to-face encounters. Linking between and among related agencies and individuals also lent a different meaning to networking as sharing information became fast and verifiable.

Positive and Negative Impact of Internet Use

The changes that came with the advent of the Internet were generally positive although there are admittedly some negative effects that users have to deal with. The positive effect as to time and geographical boundaries came with the price of having to attend to attend to business obligations even beyond regular office hours because it was possible. Almost unlimited access to information is great for a person or company unless it is of such nature that invades privacy. The Internet has allowed many independent thinkers to make known their views to the public once a statement or article is published but it has likewise spawned abuse in many forms.

With a laptop or any other portable gadget at hand, communication can be done continuously and consistently but many people find themselves forgetting the value of being technologically disconnected once in a while. Having a respite from technology will allow people to consider doing things such as interacting with other people on a more personal basis. The possibility that agencies may be sharing information more than what is good for them may also arise since it is very easy and convenient to request and send them.

Change is inevitable but it has become even more so because of the Internet.

About the Author:

Sandra Lyn is a work-at-home mom who knows the value of connectivity in the proper perspective. Finding has provided her a specific idea of what she wants to get out of dealing with Internet service providers.


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Look After Your Investment! Taking the Best Care of Your Smartphone

Mobile phones are often among our most valuable possessions, and also contain a lot of important information and offer facilities we need to use on an almost constant basis. However, a lot of people start to take their smartphones for granted, and get a bit casual when it comes to looking after them.

The better care you take of your phone, the longer it will stay looking smart and attractive, and the less chance there is it’ll get broken or damaged. You can also make sure your battery stays in good health, meaning your phone will keep a charge for a decent amount of time for as long as you want to keep using it.

Everyone knows to keep their phone protected from scratches and dirt with a good case, but here are some more unusual suggestions on how you can better look after your mobile:

Keep It Dry

It might sound weird, but the people who take the best care of their phones avoid using them outside in the rain, or anywhere near open water (for example on a boat or on the beach). Water getting into the workings of your phone can ruin it irreparably. When you are carrying it, you should also make sure it is protected from rain – keep it in a sealed pocket or sealed part of your bag where water isn’t going to pour in as you walk.

Don’t Let Your Friends Paw It!

Letting other people use your phone if they actually need to is one thing, but if your friends tend to want to examine your phone or just “play with it” then say no if you can without causing offence! People who are unfamiliar with the workings of a specific phone are far more likely to do something wrong to it, and if you’re out having fun, there’s always a risk they’ll drop it.

Keep It in the Same Place When Not in Use

If you always keep your phone in the same place when you’re sleeping, showering, or doing those other few things you do each day without it, then you won’t end up scrambling around looking for it in a rush or risk it getting stepped on or squashed under a sofa cushion. Choose somewhere high up but where it won’t fall, like a bedside table, or keep it where you keep your keys or other important stuff. Choose somewhere close to a power point so you can charge it.

Insure It!

Make sure your phone is included on your home insurance policy (and that this cover is sufficient and includes cover for when you’re not at home), or that you have insurance from your mobile phone manufacturer, or your network, or from a specialised supplier like Protect Your Bubble Mobile Insurance (which can be the best option if you also want to cover other gadgets you take out with you like your tablet, camera and laptop).  Insuring your phone means that if anything does happen, you can get a replacement and fast!

Laura Ginn is a consumer interest blogger who likes helping people get the most out of their gadgets and technology. She believes the best value comes from not only choosing the best devices, but from also taking the best care of them.

Uses For Iphones You Wouldn’t Have Thought Could Be Done

Most people buy iPhones to talk, text and surf the Internet. However, there are a number of other things that the iphone can do. Below are some of the many cool things that iPhones can do:

Monitor Your Heart Rate

There is an app that you can download on your iPhone called the Heart Fitness app. After you have downloaded the app, you will need to cover the camera and light of your iPhone with your index finger. The hue pulses as the blood flows through your finger. It is accurate, but there are ways that you can “trick” the app. You can even get readings from ordinary items, such as ketchup bottles.

uses for i phones

Scan Documents

IPhones can take pictures, but many people do not know that they can actually scan documents with their iPhone. You just have to use an app on your iPhone called the genius scan. This app allows you to take a snapshot of any documents. The documents can be saved as PDF or JPG files.

Measure Just About Anything

You may not ever need to use your ruler again after you have downloaded the measure anything, or AIM@ app. One of the many neat things about this app is that it can tell you your height just by measuring the length of your arm. However, it is important to note that using this app can be tricky, so you have to be very good at following directions in order to get it to work.

Take 3-D Photos

You may not believe it, but you really can take 3-D photos with your iPhone. It really is not that difficult, either. All you will need to do is take one photo, move over a couple of inches and then snap another picture. After that, you will need to combine the two images to create a 3-D illusion.

Keep Track Of Someone

It is very easy for you to keep track of someone thanks to modern GPS technology. You will need to download an app called Find My iPhone. This app allows you to keep track the location of another IOS device by using an iPhone, web browser or even an iPad. This can come in very handy if you want to spy on your spouse or child. The only bad thing about this app is that it can be kind of tricky to set up, but fortunately, it will be a lot easier if you follow the step by step tutorial.

Your iPhone is a pretty amazing device. You can make sure you iPhone stay looking new and shiny by protecting it with various design of iPhone5 and iPhone4 covers.

Kim is a marketing consultant for a national retail chain that sells smart phones and computers.

Hassle-Free Video Conferencing through Asus

Video conferencing allows people from different places to connect and communicate through simultaneous video and audio transmissions that work both ways. It is differentiated from videophone calls because the emphasis is on connecting locations rather than specific individuals. In today’s world, is it possible to have hassle-free video conferencing through an Asus computer?


Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing presents various benefits in personal communication, studying, and doing business. One main advantage that video conferencing provides is the decreased need to travel to accomplish something. It saves time and resources, not to mention the tremendous push for the green cause with the drastic reduction of the consequences brought upon by people’s need to travel frequently.

It is the closest thing to face-to-face interaction when such option is not available. Most businesses will have to do their presentation, marketing, and negotiation through video conferencing if traveling to a client’s location will just be an effort too late. Being able to communicate with colleagues and the head office is especially important for employees in mobile locations. Video conferencing, like with webinars makes it possible to cultivate profitable business relationships without the need to leave the workplace. Information regarding webinars can be seen at

Equipment Needed for Video Conferencing

There are actually two basic kinds of systems that can be used for video conferencing. One is the dedicated system which is essentially an all-in-one equipment. Its size can range from portable devices suitable for individual video conferencing to large-sized equipment for video conferencing that involves a big number of participants.

The other kind of system that can be used is the desktop system with add-ons. This practically converts PCs into video conferencing devices. There will be a need to add cameras and microphones to facilitate smooth video conferencing. Aside from the equipment that will be used, it is of primary importance to have access to high speed Internet connectivity.

Video Conferencing Using Asus

Many Asus laptop and notebook models have built in webcam and video capabilities. This means that video chat application is ready without the need for configuration. Asus also has other products friendly to video conferencing such as its computer monitor that comes with video conferencing functionality. This can be used without complicated connections and procedures.

Video conferencing is very much advantageous especially if it can be done without lag, distortion, or interruption. Like Asus, all other computer manufacturers are hard put in developing equipment that can be used without much hassle. For people who have many other concerns to attend to, hassle-free video conferencing is highly appreciated.



Why radio as a medium will never die!

While it is certainly true that TV provides an excellent way to take in a lot of new and exciting information, the radio is still a very popular way for society to discover the best of the entertainment and news worlds. There has always been a fairly major downside to radio, though, and that is the fact that it is not available everywhere in the way that TV is. For instance, if you move from the US to the UK, you were- at one time- no longer able to tune in and listen to your favourite radio shows anymore. Thanks to the invention and development of digital radio, though, that is no longer the case. 

The internet has provided the radio world with a tool that allows them to broaden their market across the entire world. If you grew up in London but you have to move to Chicago for work, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the show that always entertained you while you were sitting at your desk. Your Chicago office will feel a little more like home thanks to digital radio and the ability that you possess to listen to your favourite shows no matter where you are.In order to get the most out of digital radio, you are going to want to have a good sound system. Since digital radio is broadcast over the internet, it sounds much better than traditional radio ever did, so you are going to want to take advantage of that. You obviously cannot set up an elaborate surround sound speaker system in your office, so the next best thing is to get a pair of awesome Sennheiser surround sound headphones. The Sennheiser px360 are perfect for listening to the radio with, as they pick up all the nuances of the music and other sounds that you hear.

So while many people think that radios are dead, nothing could be farther from the truth. With an internet connection and a good pair of headphones, the radio is yours to enjoy once more. One can only imagine what improvements will continue to be made in the future. Click here to check out a full range of radios that are available to buy in the UK, from DAB radios to more conventional types. Open your ears and broaden your horizons with everything from music to radio shows, podcasts and everything in between.


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