No More Linux Eee PCs?

Apparently, Asus is planning to get rid of the Linux option in their Eee PCs, at least in the Philippines, accourding to Liliputing.

[Asus] will only be selling Windows-based Eee PC netbooks in the Philippines from now on. He says the response to Linux in the region has not been positive, so Asus will focus its efforts on Windows machines.

One of the reasons companies like Asus looked to Linux in the first place is because the open source operating system provided a way to help keep the price of low cost ultraportable computers down. But Microsoft is now making discounted Windows XP licenses available to netbook and other “ultra low cost PC” makers. Add to that the fact that Asus is now pumping out millions of netbooks a year, which helps drive down the manufacturing costs per unit, and it’s easier for the company to offer Windows on a $300 or $400 machine than it was a year ago.

Sounds like a plan, but the modder/hacker in me wishes that Asus still keeps the Linux option, though.


  1. says

    I think not offering a linux version is too bad. Perhaps it is just pointing to a need to offer some better support for linux in the form of faster updates, more recently refreshed repositories and perhaps some more thought on which apps get installed out of the box.

  2. says

    One of the things that drew me to the Eee in the first place was that it shipped with Linux. While it may require a slight learning curve with unfamiliar users, I think Asus did a good job with their version of Xandros in regards to making it easy to use. Just because Windows is the most commonly used shouldn’t make it the standard.

  3. Mike says

    I agree with John. I have been using several distros of linux for some time,and think the problem is that linux software is unfamilair to the masses, so they think that linux is too prohibitive. Most don’t realize that everything that is done in windows can also be done using linux. I was excited about the fact that linux was being offered right at the oem level,but unfortunately popularity wins over quality once again.

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