Netbook Processor Showdown

So, CNET pitted these 3 netbook processors against each other in a series of benchmark tests.

As one might expect, there’s no clear winner. We sampled three laptops, one with each processor, and in this particular grouping, the system with the Intel Atom was fastest in our multitasking test (but none of these single-core systems were particular adept at this task), but the one with the Via Nano was the fastest in one of our single-application tests (in this case, our iTunes encoding test), while the Netbook with the AMD Neo was fastest in another single-app test using Jalbum, a photo program we sometimes use in place of Photoshop for low-power or Linux-based systems. The Neo is theoretically the fastest of these CPUs, but it’s also running Windows Vista, which has historically been less suited for Netbook-style laptops than XP.

[via CNET]


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