Laptop’s Expected Lifespan

The price of desktops and laptops have admittedly went down since the first issues and models.  This does not come without apprehensions even if lowered price is definitely good news.  The concerns are centered on whether lowered price comes at the cost of shortened lifespan.

It would appear that no matter how high or low laptop price becomes, it will still have a certain lifespan as a productive equipment.  Like any other electronic appliances and devices , its life is not forever.  So how long is that lifespan supposed to be?

If we are to read the various online forums that tackle this specific question, there seems to be an agreement towards the very productive use of laptops in the first two years.   The condition of the laptop after this period is anybody’s guess since the final number is really determined by the actual use.  The life of a laptop can be shortened or lengthened depending on the care provided to it by its owner.

Proper care is essentially good sense in handling an electronic gadget like a laptop.  Those who use their laptops more often should expect to get a shorter life span from their equipment than those who use theirs less. However, using them less but in an improper way can also lead to shortened laptop life.

Laptop owners will be lucky to have a laptop working efficiently after 4 to 5 years of use.  This period can be extended provided proper care is observed.  Manufacturers like Asus continue to find ways to lengthen the life of their offered products.

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