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Kids have different requirements when it comes to laptops.  Most will not confine laptop use to study purposes and would want the gaming component to be very much alive in their units.  Such desire is but a natural consequence of being young.

Laptops for kids therefore should provide for their entertainment needs through gaming as well as durability, since kids are not specifically adept on taking care of such electronic devices.  The Asus Eee offers several options for laptops for kids’ use.

The Asus Eee is essentially a choice for kids since the models provided are quite friendly to web-based activities.  The built-in software also makes it an ideal choice for use in completing required school work.  Parents might just have to choose the model that accommodates their kids’ favourite games specifically those with installed Windows XP.

An Asus Eee is seen as a highly advantageous choice for kids because it is light enough for children to carry, kids’ small hands fit perfectly for the keyboard size, high durability that allows it to withstand bumps and knocks which cannot be eliminated among children, and the relatively cheap price compared to competitors.  The attractive choice of colors also has a special appeal on children.

There are some limitations though with this choice including the limited storage space compared to standard laptops.  Also, the Linux version does not provide for Windows-based games and other applications.  Kids have to be taught the proper use of laptops if they are to benefit from having the privilege of having one for their use.  Having their own laptops prepares them to be more ready in handling responsibilities.

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Teresa has two kids who regularly use a laptop for their schoolwork.

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