Easy Mode For Windows: Easy Mode XP

Easy Mode XP

If you like to use the Eee’s easy mode, but you don’t like Xandros and would like to use Windows, this is the solution for you. You have to hand it to the EeePC community, their ingenuity is awesome.

Check it out here (German) or here (English translation)

Via ASUS Eee News, Mods & Hacks

Will you try this out?


  1. says

    i won’t try it. if i’m gonna use XP, there won’t be a need for easy mode because it’s already easy.

  2. Vinh Vu says

    Awesome! I’ll definitely try this out! I added touchscreen and this would make it SO much easier!

  3. says

    Apparently the download is gone ??
    This seems to be a developer version of the Easy Mode SW included with the Eee Top; I recognize the looks of it there but without any configurability. I’m not sure how these german guys could have the authority to release this stuff for free ?? Maybe Asus have had a serious talk with them and pulled this download ?

  4. says

    I want let you know, I think there exists a trouble with the RSS, it is not showing properly in my Feed reader. It simply began happening yesterday, did you adjust anything on the site?

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