Dual core Intel Atom processor for netbooks in the works?

I know, I know, Intel dual core Atom chips have been around since the first time the processor came out. But the thing is, the dual core Atom processors that came out two years ago weren’t actually made for processors, and I even remember that Intel specifically forbade computer manufacturers from installing the said dual-core chips on our favorite netbooks.

That didn’t stop Asus from making the Asus Eee PC 1201N, though. Even though it is a netbook, they managed to put a desktop Atom 330 dual core processor in it. The said netbook ran a bit faster, but it lost a serious amount of battery life. Plus, let’s not even talk about the heat generated by the Atom 330 chips.

It looks like Intel is working on a dual core Atom chip made specifically for netbooks. Via Liliputing:

Intel may be working on a dual core Atom chip for netbooks. It will reportedly be called something like the Atom N500, which makes sense, since the latest dual core chip for desktops is called the Atom D510 — and most of the company’s netbook-specific chips have started with the letter N, such as the Atom N270, N280, N450, and N470.

But let us not expect these netbooks running the future Atom N500 to run as fast as our Core2Duo laptops. An Atom chip still is an Atom chip. They’re made for netbooks – a low cost, low power alternative for the huge laptops we struggle to lug around. Expect to see small speed boosts probably, and nothing more.

Besides, netbooks are usually just enough for our needs, right? Why should we expect it to run the latest 3D games when it’s not made for that?


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