Design winning websites

Online contests like a web design contest, will not only help you gain monetary benefits and instant fame, they will also help boost up your confidence & sharpen your (web) skills. Many upcoming websites come up with such events to promote themselves and generate a user database, though it is recommended that one checks the genuine nature of the contest and its organizer(s).

Before beginning over your masterpiece, do read the terms and conditions of the web design contest carefully. It might happen that the event is restricted to a certain region or group of people (e.g. contest for amateurs). Make a note of the technical specifications like the technologies that can be employed, the maximum size of the website, the theme (if any) and so on. Most of the events will allow the use of images ‘borrowed’ from the Internet. Do keep a tab of the deadlines. Use a universal scheme of arranging the folders for the source files. Do not keep unused files or folders within the archive which you propose to send over to the panel. The only file which remains outside should be the index.html file which will provide an entrance to your website. Try not to fool the panel by using ready to use templates and snippets – there might be smarter guys out there. Once you are done with the execution, check for any execution related errors and debug them immediately. Once you have sent ahead your artwork, intimate the organizers about the same and get the confirmation of the receipt.

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