Customized Energy-Saving System for Laptops

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Since the year 2005, Asus has been tinkering with what it hopes will be the Green feature that would balance performance with system energy consumption.  Known as the A1Gear, it has been continuously developed during the following years and produced the Energy Processing Unit or EPU.

The EPU is a unique control chip which forms the core of a comprehensive energy saving system.  It commands and regulates the different parameters required to produce maximized energy-saving.  Contrary to common perception, it does not work alone but instead works with other components to enable a system that works.

Asus came out in 2007 with the EPU 1 with A1 Gear 3 to present the first hardware-based energy-saving solution that automatically detects as well as provide CPU power that has been optimized.  The motivation for this endeavour is to produce a motherboard concept possessing green energy-saving features.  The need for this is critical because of the continuing increasing demand for computing power with the reality of dwindling natural resources already demanding attention.

EPU offers a more stable system environment that allows energy saving while laptops are idle.  Low loading tasks such as word processing and email are opportune times for energy savings to kick in so that it can be ready for heavy loads such as gaming when needed.  Asus devices through its EPU have shown the maintenance of power efficiency at a high level even during heavy loading.  This has become more possible with the upgrade to the latest 6 engine version.

There are certain concerns about the possibility of having a considerably slowed-down system with the use of any feature related to energy-saving.  Many have contradicted this fear and have confirmed that it worked flawlessly.  The Asus EPU can function on stand-alone as a power consumption reducer mainly by enabling or disabling power phases whenever required.

People have been wanting to find the best way to save energy and in the process, reduce the cost of using energy as well.  The energy deregulation that is seen happening in many places around the world is now the subject of much interest and expectation.  Consumers desire to get the best value for the money they pay whether it is on a specific device such as a laptop or a household or business necessity such as electricity.  Most would also prefer to have more choices in energy sources and length of contract which most independent electric suppliers are able to offer.

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