Instagram: From Mobile to PC

Instagram has made leaps and bounds since it was launched in 2010 and purchased by Facebook in 2012. The December 2013 stats showed that the active users of the network on a monthly basis reach 150 million while on a daily basis, the number of users is more than 75 million. So far, the total number of photos shared on the site is at 16 billion as of October 2013.

Instagram for the web

For the past year, Instagram also made a major achievement by introducing the web profiles. With this development, desktop and laptop users now enjoy Instagram as much as mobile users do. Thanks to the decision of the people behind this top photo sharing site to launch the Instagram feed that lets users log in to see the photographic activity of their friends and favorite celebrities and other public figures.

The web version of Instagram feed features the same functionality as its mobile version. To use it, users just need to log in and then they can browse through the photos, double click on it to like it or type a comment through the in-line commenting system. More »

Establishing Control Over Company Print Infrastructure

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Businesses do well when the proper control measures are placed in all functions.  There is no such thing as unimportant business function.  If a function is used by a business, then it must be needed, and thus important.

A company’s print infrastructure may not be readily appreciated as a critical factor in doing business.  In fact, it is given far less importance than it should get by some companies.   Taking print management for granted is one of the biggest mistakes that a company can commit.  This is especially so since problems related to it can easily be avoided by getting the specialized services of a Managed Print Services Provider.

Service providers like Printer Corp controls and manages the entire print infrastructure of their company clients.  The service provider is practically the caretaker of all printing processes of the company from actual print to workflow of documents.  Included in the responsibilities is determining the most suitable components of a company’s printing fleet, as well as equipment servicing, and replacement of consumables.

These tasks are usually assigned to Human Resources Division.  With these outsourced and ably performed by a professional Managed Print Service Provider, all personnel can concentrate on other core business strategies designed to achieve added productivity and considerable savings in company costs.

It is necessary to institute control over company print infrastructure because failure in one business area is sufficient to affect the over-all performance of a company.  The aspect of print and documentation has specific roles to play in company operation.  More and more client companies are opting for contract agreement that will divest them of responsibilities related to equipment and maintenance.

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Professional Managed Print Services Providers give a complete analysis of a company’s document requirements for the purpose of understanding the documentation workflow and the corresponding costs that have to be addressed to make it work.  It is the end purpose of the agreement for service provider to effectively manage company processes related to printing, documentation, and workflow.  In return, companies can expect to reduce printing costs while increasing productivity as a result of improved workflow.

Once proper control is in place, business workflow becomes a lot smoother.  A company’s print infrastructure involves all departments and divisions connected to a company.  It is never to be taken for granted and never be put into the hands of companies who are less than competent.



NTT Beefs Up Data Center Security

International data service centers continue to play an integral role in today’s businesses.  With globalization being as real as it can be – it is not a mere concept anymore – business from all parts of the world can be customers of data service centers located wherever.  Indeed, technology has made the world even smaller.

With huge companies like NTT Communications, this small world has shrunk even more.  The international and long distance service arm of NTT, this company plays a major role in the data center services sector.  It has data centers in more than 31 cities in 20 countries and has long ago proved that its services are among the most reliable in the industry.

NTT Communications’ operations do not stop there, though.  In fact, they continue to expand – just this month, they made known to the public that they have acquired Secode AB, a northern European company that provides managed security services in its region.  The details of the acquisition have not been released, but the implications are quite interesting.

Perhaps the main thing that will concern businesses patronizing data center services is the fact that NTT’s resources will now be backing up Secode AB’s operations.  The smaller company has established a name for itself as the biggest in its industry in the northern European region.  With NTT’s backing, it can provide even better and more reliable services.  More so, Secode AB’s operations will expand as its security operation centers will be absorbed other NTT centers located in different parts of the world: Japan, Germany, Singapore, and the United States.

The global scale of these operations is sure to meet the ever increasing data center security needs of countless entities.

The Weekly REEEcap

Okay, so every Sunday from now on, I’ll be posting the stories from last week just to give you guys a chance to catch up on the latest Eee PC and netbook news.


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