Laptops Ideal for Lawyers

Laptops are most preferred by people on the go including businessmen and lawyers. Being a portable device, it’s easy to carry it around enabling you to work anywhere you want.

But with a wide choice of laptops in terms of brands and specs these days, it can be real challenge selecting the one that suits your needs. Yes, no laptop is perfect but it is always best to know how to choose the right one that meets your specifications.


Lawyers are just some of the busy professionals now fully utilizing laptops in their daily work. The portability aspect alone is a major factor that lets them do their tasks even while out of the office. More »

Paperless Reading Vs. Traditional Reading


In this day and age, it is impossible to see a person without a handheld device, particularly a mobile phone. Even third world countries (in which most mobile materials are set up) are tech savvy, even a 3-year old or the oldest person in the family has the knowledge about gadgets. Anywhere and everyone now consider it as a necessity as this handy dandy tech. devices are used as a tool not only for communication and entertainment purposes, but as an avenue for reading. More »

The Case for Netbooks (Versus Tablets)

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Don’t get me wrong – I cannot imagine my life without my iPad. Ever since I got my first tablet a couple of years ago, it has become an integral part of my routine; and I am not just talking about downtime or leisure time. I am also referring to my work routine.

However, there is still something to be said about netbooks; and that’s what this post is all about. In this day and age of tablets and phablets, why would anyone want to lug a netbook around? More »

Laptop for Kids

Image: kidzmodo

Kids have different requirements when it comes to laptops.  Most will not confine laptop use to study purposes and would want the gaming component to be very much alive in their units.  Such desire is but a natural consequence of being young.

Laptops for kids therefore should provide for their entertainment needs through gaming as well as durability, since kids are not specifically adept on taking care of such electronic devices.  The Asus Eee offers several options for laptops for kids’ use.

The Asus Eee is essentially a choice for kids since the models provided are quite friendly to web-based activities.  The built-in software also makes it an ideal choice for use in completing required school work.  Parents might just have to choose the model that accommodates their kids’ favourite games specifically those with installed Windows XP.

An Asus Eee is seen as a highly advantageous choice for kids because it is light enough for children to carry, kids’ small hands fit perfectly for the keyboard size, high durability that allows it to withstand bumps and knocks which cannot be eliminated among children, and the relatively cheap price compared to competitors.  The attractive choice of colors also has a special appeal on children.

There are some limitations though with this choice including the limited storage space compared to standard laptops.  Also, the Linux version does not provide for Windows-based games and other applications.  Kids have to be taught the proper use of laptops if they are to benefit from having the privilege of having one for their use.  Having their own laptops prepares them to be more ready in handling responsibilities.

About the Author:

Teresa has two kids who regularly use a laptop for their schoolwork.

Travel Laptop

What makes an ideal travel laptop?  Something that is light and ergonomically designed easily comes to mind because of the usual physical requirements of traveling.  Having a wide screen to make watching movies pleasurable while on a trip of course is a welcome advantage.

The Aus Eee PC fits this description to a T.  With screen size choices from 7 to 11 inches wide and its mere 5-lb weight, the Asus Eee is a picture of a perfect travel laptop.   Concerns about the audio may also come up but this has been adequately addressed as well in this laptop.  A low retail price is definitely icing in the cake.

There are other possibilities in travel laptop choices such as the Macbook and the HP Mini 1000.  The final choice will largely depend on the kind of travelling that the owner will be making.  The activities that are expected to be performed during the trip can also determine what the final choice will be.

Travelers who intend to bring their laptops should be aware of the expected limitations in the use of the laptop while on travel.  Changing batteries, Internet connectivity, and physical safekeeping are always major concerns while on travel.  The usual amenities and hardware that are readily available in homes and permanent offices will not always be found on travel.

It is therefore wise to check on the place of destination as well as the route for reaching it.  The information obtained from checking can prepare travelers on what they can do to work on the given limitations.  Traveling has its own requirements when it comes to laptop use.  Laptops now have features that can be maximized for use whether one is going to a business seminar or a hike in a secluded forest.  Comparing is the key to finding the travel laptop.

Laptop for School Use

A question arises on whether the use of laptops in school actually offers advantages to the students.  We are talking about advantages in relation to the learning process of students more than anything else.  Many students can be quick to the defense by citing availability in communication and required information. However, there are studies that will show that laptops are being used inside the classroom other than for this reason.

Many colleges and universities have programs that equip each and every student with their personal laptops.  With the immense portability of many laptops today such as the Asus Eee, it can be readily understood why many schools and students prefer the use of laptops.  On the part of the school, all offered communications are usually sent online.  Students on the other hand see the advantage on specific student tasks to be performed including research, taking notes, studying for a test, and class registration, among others.

Not all teachers and professors agree or approve of the use of laptops inside the classroom.  The number one reason is that of distraction.  This distraction is not merely in the physical sense where the attention of students is riveted to their individual computers.  Teachers may only see a sea of computers instead of faces and this can be very distracting for a very much engaged mentor.

Students having ready access to computers can also let personal matters distract them from the matter at hand.  Thus, instead of studying, they can be checking their emails, chatting with friends, playing online games, or simply browsing the Internet for unrelated concerns.  Email checking may be official when related to school matters although a class in session is hardly the place to do it.


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The Dark Horse


Like its winged namesake Pegasus, Asus has flown directly into the competition and managed to prevail in its category.  The Asus Eee line spells the first for any Taiwan IT brand in terms of global consumer success.  Its relatively low cost had much to do with this dark horse’s success plus the market’s genuine hunger for something very portable yet functional and beautiful.

Industry observers have been pointing to its so-called 4Ps comprised of computer power, price, performance, and portability as the main reasons for the unexpected success.  The Asus Eee was specifically created to provide such features but managed to surprise its creators when product appreciation was reflected through sales.  Although it can be considered as an indirect off-shoot of OLPC XO’s challenge for the production of a very affordable laptop, the Asus Eee line managed to accomplish something better through commercial success. 

Success makes improvement and more innovation necessary.  The responsibility to maintain the momentum if not surpass it necessitates constant tweaking and brain storming to produce a product that will remain competitive even with the entry of more established brands in the market presently captured by Asus.  Known brands will always try to penetrate markets held by lesser-known brands since they will always have the advantage of name recall.  Experience however will show that a brand does not always guarantee excellence. 

The continued hunger for better and cheaper products will allow lesser-known manufacturers to compete in the arena.  They will however have to offer something new and relevant to be noticed.  Computer use is still likely to form part of human daily lives for many years to come, thus it can be expected that many products will come and go in time.  Consumer appreciation is not about one-time product sensation but a continuous line of products that are able to support each other.

Building a Website on a Netbook

If you ask me if I can work on making a website three years ago, I’d laugh at you and told you that it would be impossible. I mean, really, how would you be able to make a decent website on the first few netbooks that came out, especially the Asus Eee PC 701 that I first had? No, I’m not dissing the Asus Eee PC 701, it’s the gadget that started this whole netbook revolution and I’m glad to be one of the first owners of that baby, but you know, my current phone’s more powerful than the Eee PC 701. It still has a place in my fat, geeky heart, though.

But, yeah, you can’t expect me t do any serious work on the Eee PC 701, or any of the earlier netbooks. Those babies were so underpowered, with their extremely small screen sizes and cramped keyboards, that anything than the casual logging on to Facebook was a chore. Well, Facebook’s laden with all sorts of javascript that browsing it made any browser crash. Don’t even dream of running Photoshop or even Dreamweaver there.

Thankfully, it’s all changed. Netbooks are still cheap, underpowered and a bit cramped, but they’ve jumped in leaps and bounds so much that it’s possible to actually use Photoshop and build a website on them, because their screen resolutions have come up to respectable levels. We can now make websites, upload them with decent FTP software, and host them on great servers and point to it domain names that we chose.

Do You Have A Portable Printer?

Bringing an Asus Eee PC around is really a huge convenience. Our favorite miniscule mini-laptop started this whole netbook thing. With the dawn of these affordable and slightly underpowered and undersized notebooks, everyone suddenly decided to take this whole portable computing thing seriously. I don’t think I’ve seen that many laptop or netbook toting people before, and that’s a good thing.

And that’s the keyword here. Portable. As much as we want to bring our computers with us everywhere we go, there’s a bit of a limitation with carrying our laptops around – how in blue blazes are going to print our documents when needed?

Of course we can upload our files to dropbox, our webmail accounts, or some other cloud storage solution, and go to the nearest internet café to have it printed. And we all know that internet cafés aren’t available everywhere. We may not even have an internet connection – wifi, 3g or otherwise – available to use for uploading our Word documents.

This is why some people opt to buying a portable printer so they can print almost anywhere they want. Of course, it means that they’ll have to bring extra stuff like the printer, paper, and, in some cases, inkjet cartridges. I doubt portable printer owners would bring laser printer toner cartridges around because that would be ridiculous – there are no portable laser printers just yet.

Of course, being portable, these printers would be subject to a few corners cut here and there to ensure that it’ll be light and compact enough to carry around anywhere. You’d lose some features like duplex printing, the clarity of printouts used with Brother printer toner cartidges, and of course I doubt you’d be able to use these gadgets for heavy-duty printing. However, if you need to have hard copies of your documents handy, it won’t hurt to carry one of these babies along with your Asus Eee PC.

Asus Eee: Still King of the Hill?

There you have it, folks. The Asus Eee PC is still king of the hill for affordable ultraportables. There were rumors just recently that Apple was to release an ultra mobile computer with dual touch-screens (and not to mention the cool factor). But apparently that’s not their focus.

At the recently-concluded MacWorld Expo, the highlight of Steve Jobs’ keynote speech was the new MacBook Air. It’s razor-thin and definitely lighter than its predecessors.


Think Motorola RAZR, but this time for laptops.

Thing is, the MacBook Air is not really an ultraportable (and not marketed as such), but is a standard-sized, ultra-slim laptop. It has a 13.3″ widescreen, a full-size keyboard, and weighs 3 pounds.

I know there’s a market for ultraslim laptops. And of course, being a Mac, the MacBook Air is likely to have a cult following, too (which is to say the same for hte Asus Eee PC, isn’t it?). But the target market is different from that of the Asus Eee. So I would say the Eee is still leading the pack when it comes to low-priced consumer-grade ultraportables.

In short, it’s like comparing apples with oranges. And in this case, one of them is actually an Apple.

Oh, and one other thing. I noticed the MacBook Air has just one USB port. And even the MacBooks (non Pro) have only two. My Asus Eee has three. I rarely use them, though, but I think the sparsity of USB ports is one big complaint by certain Mac users.


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