Eee P Netbook is a Great Way to Go Mobile


The Asus Eee PC 1015 Netbook is a great option for anyone who needs a small and quick computer to transport around with them, or for Mac users who find they want something that is Windows compatible as well. Whether searching for web hosting reviews or doing that day’s work while relaxing in a coffee […]

More Detailed Maintenance of Your Netbook


Using any kind of laptop means you’ll have to take care of it to keep it in a good condition, and this often extends beyond wiping it with a rag every now and then – in order to maintain your netbook in an optimal condition, there are various procedures you could apply, say, every month, […]

Things Every Freelance Web Developer Should Know

As a freelance web developer, you keep learning new tricks and useful information on a daily basis – and if you’re crafty enough, you can easily design a strategy around which to work and achieve your goals as quickly as possible (so that you can take up more work and progress). However, there are some […]

Asus EeePC 900 Battery Life

These are real-world tests. I didn’t use any burning software, but instead did my usual day-to-day work, which involves Gmail, reading via my feedreader (Bloglines Beta), reading up various blogs, and also posting on blogs. And as such, being a real-world test, this involved some pauses in between for bathroom breaks, snacks, and such. And […]

Northec Gecko Mini Laptop Planned at Sub-$300 Price

Competition is getting intense. Looks like the subnotebook market is the next big thing for gadget makers. Computerworld is quoted as saying there is yet another company that plans to venture into the cheap (meaning inexpensive) compact notebook market (currently dominated by the Asus Eee). The company is Norhtec, a systems integrator based in Thailand, […]

MSI to Compete with Asus Eee PC?

The Asus Eee PC currently faces some competition with various similar-sized alternatives like the XO, the Intel Classmate PC, the Everex Cloudbook and (for some) even the Apple Macbook Air. And recently rumors have it that Acer is planning an ultraportable release. Here’s another rumor: MSI might come out with an ultraportable of its own. […]

3G on the Asus Eee using an LG KU250 (Updated)

The LG KU250 is touted as the “3G for all” phone, being the cheapest 3G-enabled phone around. It usually retails for just over $100 (bought mine for about $142). In my country 3G / GPRS rates are not really cheap, but one of the operators–Smart–offers unlimited connectivity for PhP 10 per 30 minutes. That’s approximately […]

Sleep/Standby Times Not Very Good

One thing I loved about my old PowerBook (and any Mac laptop in general) was that the sleep times were very long. For some reason, the OS or the architecture of Apple notebooks was so power-efficient that you can actually leave it on standby mode (called sleep by Mac users) for days, but the drain […]