Laptops Ideal for Lawyers


Laptops are most preferred by people on the go including businessmen and lawyers. Being a portable device, it’s easy to carry it around enabling you to work anywhere you want. But with a wide choice of laptops in terms of brands and specs these days, it can be real challenge selecting the one that suits […]

How Lawyers are Using the Tablet Today

Law-Firms using mobile technology

The legal industry is fast catching up with the latest technology. Today, it has embraced mobile technology most especially the tablet and the smartphone which have become very important gadgets not only to private individuals but as well as to business organizations. Tech experts agree that the tablet and other mobile devices can be used […]

Paperless Reading Vs. Traditional Reading


  In this day and age, it is impossible to see a person without a handheld device, particularly a mobile phone. Even third world countries (in which most mobile materials are set up) are tech savvy, even a 3-year old or the oldest person in the family has the knowledge about gadgets. Anywhere and everyone now […]

How to Stay Securely Connected on the Go


The invention of netbooks maybe very we’ll be the best thing that has happened for techies on the go. This is especially true for people who rely heavily on their laptops, whether for work or play; and with the culture evolving into one that is connected whenever, wherever, the size and weight of netbooks are […]

Travel Laptop

What makes an ideal travel laptop?  Something that is light and ergonomically designed easily comes to mind because of the usual physical requirements of traveling.  Having a wide screen to make watching movies pleasurable while on a trip of course is a welcome advantage. The Aus Eee PC fits this description to a T.  With […]

Battery Issues (1)

When considering buying a laptop, battery life is always a primary issue.  As opposed to desktop computers which is typically used at home, work, or in any other place where the computer occupies a permanent place and a ready outlet is available, a laptop is more associated with mobility.  Owners of laptops will not always […]

Can Solid State Drives Really Help Extend Battery Life?

Extending battery life has been the holy grail of mobile computing. But can solid state hard drives really help? Recently, the trend is going towards solid-state storage. This means drives that have no moving parts. Most popular of these is flash memory. They’re cheap, durable, and can hold data even without power (unlike volatile RAM, […]

Do You Have A Portable Printer?

Bringing an Asus Eee PC around is really a huge convenience. Our favorite miniscule mini-laptop started this whole netbook thing. With the dawn of these affordable and slightly underpowered and undersized notebooks, everyone suddenly decided to take this whole portable computing thing seriously. I don’t think I’ve seen that many laptop or netbook toting people […]