Laptops Ideal for Lawyers

Laptops are most preferred by people on the go including businessmen and lawyers. Being a portable device, it’s easy to carry it around enabling you to work anywhere you want.

But with a wide choice of laptops in terms of brands and specs these days, it can be real challenge selecting the one that suits your needs. Yes, no laptop is perfect but it is always best to know how to choose the right one that meets your specifications.


Lawyers are just some of the busy professionals now fully utilizing laptops in their daily work. The portability aspect alone is a major factor that lets them do their tasks even while out of the office. More »

How Lawyers are Using the Tablet Today

The legal industry is fast catching up with the latest technology. Today, it has embraced mobile technology most especially the tablet and the smartphone which have become very important gadgets not only to private individuals but as well as to business organizations.

Tech experts agree that the tablet and other mobile devices can be used effectively to improve productivity in law practice. Lawyers who have recognized their usefulness are now getting these mobile devices.

Law-Firms using mobile technology

The 2012 Legal Technology Survey Report of the American Bar Association (ABA) revealed that 89 percent of attorneys claimed using a smartphone for various law-related work while not in their law office. The tasks they do using the gadget include talking and sending and receiving emails among others while iPhone is the top smartphone choice.

Also in 2012, 33 percent of lawyers claimed using a tablet while doing legal work. Their top choice is the Apple iPad while the others are Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. More »

Paperless Reading Vs. Traditional Reading


In this day and age, it is impossible to see a person without a handheld device, particularly a mobile phone. Even third world countries (in which most mobile materials are set up) are tech savvy, even a 3-year old or the oldest person in the family has the knowledge about gadgets. Anywhere and everyone now consider it as a necessity as this handy dandy tech. devices are used as a tool not only for communication and entertainment purposes, but as an avenue for reading. More »

How to Stay Securely Connected on the Go

The invention of netbooks maybe very we’ll be the best thing that has happened for techies on the go. This is especially true for people who rely heavily on their laptops, whether for work or play; and with the culture evolving into one that is connected whenever, wherever, the size and weight of netbooks are hard to beat.


Another awesome thing we can be thankful for is the ease – and affordability – of access to mobile Internet. Whether you are fortunate enough to have an unlimited data plan or you pay per use, the fact that you can get connected wherever (as long as your telco is good enough) is pretty amazing, don’t you think? More »

Is it Time to Buy a New Laptop?

Image: funnypik

Most people will hold on to their laptops as long as they can since buying a new one can be a substantial expense.  However, there will be a time even before the laptop finally surrenders to the daily wear and tear when it will be necessary to consider buying one.  The decision to buy should not depend on the mere desire to own a new, shiny,     and flashy laptop.  Considering to buy a new one should be triggered by actual need.

There are specific signs that will say that it is the right time to start looking for a replacement.  When an existing laptop can no longer meet the owner’s needs especially if it is work related, it is a sure sign that a new one with the required features is needed.  People who depend largely on their laptops as a means of deriving income or performing employment duties usually cannot afford to be hindered by “underperforming” laptops.  Working people usually compete in the work environment and the equipment they use are very essential support.

A change in lifestyle towards more travel may also necessitate a change of laptop.  This does not pertain to travel made once in a blue moon but for regular travels that would make a heavier and bigger laptop very inconvenient to bring during such trips.  Limited battery life is also a big issue in travel.

A laptop needs to provide for the needs of its owners to be continuously reliable.  Problems with the computer that requires very costly repair or upgrading may need to be solved by a new laptop.  No sense in paying for something at a price that is almost equivalent to buying a new one.  Laptop owners need not be pressured into buying because of the introduction of new models.  Companies like Asus regularly come up with newer models that will be more appropriate for a buyer.

Travel Laptop

What makes an ideal travel laptop?  Something that is light and ergonomically designed easily comes to mind because of the usual physical requirements of traveling.  Having a wide screen to make watching movies pleasurable while on a trip of course is a welcome advantage.

The Aus Eee PC fits this description to a T.  With screen size choices from 7 to 11 inches wide and its mere 5-lb weight, the Asus Eee is a picture of a perfect travel laptop.   Concerns about the audio may also come up but this has been adequately addressed as well in this laptop.  A low retail price is definitely icing in the cake.

There are other possibilities in travel laptop choices such as the Macbook and the HP Mini 1000.  The final choice will largely depend on the kind of travelling that the owner will be making.  The activities that are expected to be performed during the trip can also determine what the final choice will be.

Travelers who intend to bring their laptops should be aware of the expected limitations in the use of the laptop while on travel.  Changing batteries, Internet connectivity, and physical safekeeping are always major concerns while on travel.  The usual amenities and hardware that are readily available in homes and permanent offices will not always be found on travel.

It is therefore wise to check on the place of destination as well as the route for reaching it.  The information obtained from checking can prepare travelers on what they can do to work on the given limitations.  Traveling has its own requirements when it comes to laptop use.  Laptops now have features that can be maximized for use whether one is going to a business seminar or a hike in a secluded forest.  Comparing is the key to finding the travel laptop.

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Battery Issues

When considering buying a laptop, battery life is always a primary issue.  As opposed to desktop computers which is typically used at home, work, or in any other place where the computer occupies a permanent place and a ready outlet is available, a laptop is more associated with mobility.  Owners of laptops will not always be assured of power availability especially in physical environments where electrical supply is limited or confined to specific areas only.  This is why the issue of battery life is critical. 

The life of a laptop’s battery will determine if a person can complete certain tasks that have to be performed in situations where supply of power solely rests on the battery.  Highly-portable devices such as the Asus laptops offer between 12 to 15 hours of battery life.  However, the actual life of the battery will largely depend on how efficient the user is in maximizing it.

Without the possibility of recharging anywhere in sight, laptop users can implement strategies that will help them conserve power as long as possible.  Knowing which features or what tasks are the most power-draining is important.  In this way, tasks can be prioritized in order of importance so that the most important ones get to be finished before power runs out. 

Proper power settings should be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the energy- saving mode offered by laptops are taken advantage of.  There are programs that drain the battery much faster like a movie thus if it is not a priority, then it would be better to watch it when recharging facilities are available or a second battery is on standby.  The brightness setting can also be adjusted and turned down to conserve much-needed power.  It has to be noted that the type and age of battery is directly related to the expected power that can be obtained.  Most batteries will exhibit noticeable diminished performance on the second year.  Full discharges of Lithium-ion batteries should be avoided. Batterylife is also affected by elevated temperatures.

The Dark Horse


Like its winged namesake Pegasus, Asus has flown directly into the competition and managed to prevail in its category.  The Asus Eee line spells the first for any Taiwan IT brand in terms of global consumer success.  Its relatively low cost had much to do with this dark horse’s success plus the market’s genuine hunger for something very portable yet functional and beautiful.

Industry observers have been pointing to its so-called 4Ps comprised of computer power, price, performance, and portability as the main reasons for the unexpected success.  The Asus Eee was specifically created to provide such features but managed to surprise its creators when product appreciation was reflected through sales.  Although it can be considered as an indirect off-shoot of OLPC XO’s challenge for the production of a very affordable laptop, the Asus Eee line managed to accomplish something better through commercial success. 

Success makes improvement and more innovation necessary.  The responsibility to maintain the momentum if not surpass it necessitates constant tweaking and brain storming to produce a product that will remain competitive even with the entry of more established brands in the market presently captured by Asus.  Known brands will always try to penetrate markets held by lesser-known brands since they will always have the advantage of name recall.  Experience however will show that a brand does not always guarantee excellence. 

The continued hunger for better and cheaper products will allow lesser-known manufacturers to compete in the arena.  They will however have to offer something new and relevant to be noticed.  Computer use is still likely to form part of human daily lives for many years to come, thus it can be expected that many products will come and go in time.  Consumer appreciation is not about one-time product sensation but a continuous line of products that are able to support each other.

Can Solid State Drives Really Help Extend Battery Life?

Extending battery life has been the holy grail of mobile computing. But can solid state hard drives really help?

Recently, the trend is going towards solid-state storage. This means drives that have no moving parts. Most popular of these is flash memory. They’re cheap, durable, and can hold data even without power (unlike volatile RAM, which loses data when power is off). Since flash memory can allegedly reduce consumption caused by spinning hard drives, some manufacturers have switched to using solid state drives for their mobile computers. There are also flash-based hard drives meant for notebook computers that users can replace their existing drives with.

The Asus Eee MyPC sports a flash-based hard drive, instead of a conventional spinning one. One factor may be price (since a small flash drive is cheaper than a micro-sized hard drive with spinning parts). One may be power consumption.

However, a simple test done by ZDnet blogger Robin Harris has rendered results that may run counter to the argument that a solid-state drive helps extend batter life.

The maximum power difference between a flash drive and a 2.5″ disk is 3 watts. If you average about 3 hours battery life, a flash drive would save at most 9 watt hours (wh). That’s 29 minutes with a 55 wh battery. Less than 20 if it isn’t seeking constantly – and less than 10 minutes if the drive spends half its time in standby mode.

The biggest power sink in my notebook is the “everything else” that stays on when nothing is happening – 13 watts. Next is the CPU when it is busy. Then the display if you keep it above minimum brightness, the DVD/CD player and finally, just above Wi-Fi, a busy disk.

Flash drives have a real advantage in shock resistance over disks. But the performance is about the same as a disk, the power savings minimal and the cost disadvantage huge. They make the most sense for premium ultra-light notebooks with low power CPUs and small screens as well as hand-held devices.

I guess I must add that speed is one of the advantages of flash-based storage over a disc-based one. Still, I’d like to get more juice out of my Eee’s battery.

Do You Have A Portable Printer?

Bringing an Asus Eee PC around is really a huge convenience. Our favorite miniscule mini-laptop started this whole netbook thing. With the dawn of these affordable and slightly underpowered and undersized notebooks, everyone suddenly decided to take this whole portable computing thing seriously. I don’t think I’ve seen that many laptop or netbook toting people before, and that’s a good thing.

And that’s the keyword here. Portable. As much as we want to bring our computers with us everywhere we go, there’s a bit of a limitation with carrying our laptops around – how in blue blazes are going to print our documents when needed?

Of course we can upload our files to dropbox, our webmail accounts, or some other cloud storage solution, and go to the nearest internet café to have it printed. And we all know that internet cafés aren’t available everywhere. We may not even have an internet connection – wifi, 3g or otherwise – available to use for uploading our Word documents.

This is why some people opt to buying a portable printer so they can print almost anywhere they want. Of course, it means that they’ll have to bring extra stuff like the printer, paper, and, in some cases, inkjet cartridges. I doubt portable printer owners would bring laser printer toner cartridges around because that would be ridiculous – there are no portable laser printers just yet.

Of course, being portable, these printers would be subject to a few corners cut here and there to ensure that it’ll be light and compact enough to carry around anywhere. You’d lose some features like duplex printing, the clarity of printouts used with Brother printer toner cartidges, and of course I doubt you’d be able to use these gadgets for heavy-duty printing. However, if you need to have hard copies of your documents handy, it won’t hurt to carry one of these babies along with your Asus Eee PC.


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