10 ways to tweak your netbooks

GigaOM has posted a great article detailing 10 ways to trick out your netbooks for the best performance possible. I’ve been using most of the tips on Linux and Windows way before this article came out, and any help given to budding Eee enthusiasts would be great.

“God Mode” on Windows 7


Running Windows 7 on your Eee PC and confused at all the changes Microsoft put in the operating system? Yeah, I know the last operating system you used was Windows XP (and you actually tried out that Linux sorcery for a couple of days, but you couldn’t figure out what the heck a “terminal” meant) […]

Netbook Book DIY Netbook Case

Hey, this is cute. If you’ve always wanted to carry around your Eee PC in a totally discrete container, you know, to keep those pesky laptop thieves from looking in your direction, maybe this Netbook Book DIY Netbook case (it’s a mouthful, I know) will help you in your aim to be as inconspicious as […]