Tools to Help Track Your Stolen Laptop

stolen laptop

There have been numerous cases of laptops getting lost or stolen around the world. Some are due to carelessness while in some cases, they are intentionally stolen due to the dark motives of individuals or organizations. But with technology becoming more advanced these days, law enforcers and tech savvy laptop owners are better able to […]

How Lawyers are Using the Tablet Today

Law-Firms using mobile technology

The legal industry is fast catching up with the latest technology. Today, it has embraced mobile technology most especially the tablet and the smartphone which have become very important gadgets not only to private individuals but as well as to business organizations. Tech experts agree that the tablet and other mobile devices can be used […]

Paperless Reading Vs. Traditional Reading


  In this day and age, it is impossible to see a person without a handheld device, particularly a mobile phone. Even third world countries (in which most mobile materials are set up) are tech savvy, even a 3-year old or the oldest person in the family has the knowledge about gadgets. Anywhere and everyone now […]

Instagram: From Mobile to PC

Instagram for the web

Instagram has made leaps and bounds since it was launched in 2010 and purchased by Facebook in 2012. The December 2013 stats showed that the active users of the network on a monthly basis reach 150 million while on a daily basis, the number of users is more than 75 million. So far, the total […]

The Charming Nikon D3100

I was off to a wedding last week and I made sure I took my Nikon D3100 with me. I was determined to capture as many charming moments as possible. Weddings, after all, are joyous and life-affirming occasions and not just for the involved parties. In my experience the spectator can get a great deal […]

Asus iBoom Speakers

We all know that netbooks have terrible audio. It’s something we’ve learned to live with because, well, we get what we pay for. However, the coming of the iBoom is no surprise. I’m pretty sure that lots of Eee owners are asking for better audio fidelity from their miniscule units.

160GB HDD Eee PC?

Spotted on Dynamism: It seems that Japanese distributor Dynamism is taking pre-orders for a 160GB Eee PC 1000. It will be available on September 24. The $449.99 price tag seems to be for the 40GB GD and I’m pretty sure we’d see a significant price increase for the 160GB model. Via