Hassle-Free Video Conferencing through Asus

Video conferencing allows people from different places to connect and communicate through simultaneous video and audio transmissions that work both ways. It is differentiated from videophone calls because the emphasis is on connecting locations rather than specific individuals. In today’s world, is it possible to have hassle-free video conferencing through an Asus computer? Image: www.flickr.com Benefits […]

Ensuring Security for Laptop-Established VPN Connection

Many companies of today maintain employees who are continuously on the go in relation to work site. However, the need for the main office to remain connected with them and vice versa is crucial. There is actually no big problem with the wide availability of portable gadgets and equipment like laptop as well as Internet connectivity.  The […]

5 Reasons It’s Important to have an Efficient Web Host

  Whether you’re considering an online business or you’re considering a website that will be an appendage to your already existing business, it’s not only important to have a website that is professionally designed and easy to navigate, but it’s important to have a quality hosting plan in place so that people can visit your […]

The Importance of Online Connectivity

internet speed

It is true that we only appreciate what we have once we lose it.  A perfect case in point is the loss of online connectivity after having been accustomed to accessing it.  Having no access to an online environment is quite disorienting especially when its use is critical to the performance of time-limited tasks. The […]

3G on the Asus Eee using an LG KU250 (Updated)

The LG KU250 is touted as the “3G for all” phone, being the cheapest 3G-enabled phone around. It usually retails for just over $100 (bought mine for about $142). In my country 3G / GPRS rates are not really cheap, but one of the operators–Smart–offers unlimited connectivity for PhP 10 per 30 minutes. That’s approximately […]