Graphic Design Contests: Its Background and Composition

Graphic designs are made by graphic designers to convey a certain message or messages to several audiences. The design is made by the client with the designer, of course. This focused on visual presentation and communication. There are various methods to create a presentation- combination of words, images, symbols and ideas may do. Many are […]

Using Calling Cards Wisely

Having a calling card with a good plan on it can be a great deal – and certainly one that holds many benefits for you, both in the short and in the long run. However, using a calling card has some degree of responsibility attached to it – careless use can lead to wasting a […]

Give Asus a piece of your mind!

Asus needs to know how and why you purchased an Eee and what can they do to make sure that your next computer purchase would be from them (well, short of mind control, but Apple’s got the patent on that technology yet). They’ve created a survey so they could learn more about their customers, and […]

Typhoon Ondoy victims in the Philippines need your help

As you may have read in the news already, the Philippines has been hit by one of the strongest typhoons in over 40 years. Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) has displaced hundreds of thousands of families and left hundreds of people dead. Floods are still everywhere and people are left with no electricity, food, water, […]

And We’re Back!

Sorry it took a long time in between updates folks. I wondered why my fellow contributors weren’t posting updates. It turned out that something was wrong with our WordPress installation. Back to regular programming …

Welcome to

Welcome to I’m a proud owner of an Asus Eee PC 701 since the other day, and I’ve decided to document my experiences with this little wonder. I’m an avid laptop user. In fact, much of my work is done on laptops. My work involves managing a new media network, and running my own […]