Graphic Design Contests: Its Background and Composition

Graphic designs are made by graphic designers to convey a certain message or messages to several audiences. The design is made by the client with the designer, of course. This focused on visual presentation and communication. There are various methods to create a presentation- combination of words, images, symbols and ideas may do. Many are hosting graphic design contests to know more about the trend in web designs. Graphic designs are used in advertisements, product packaging, logos of company, and even branding. One important feature of a graphic design is the composition especially when diverse elements are being used.

Best graphic designs are made by combining several factors. Graphic designing also involves the skills in the art of doing it. This may include the stylization of the design like the images and the existing texts. The designer is responsible for the layout of the whole magazine; he or she will create a certain design that will incorporate all the elements needed to make the job organize. Modern designs have been extended to the computer such as in websites with multimedia and interactive designs.

There is different software available online which may be free, you can just download or some you need to purchase. These softwares will help you make the best graphic designs. This list will give you an idea on what latest softwares offer the best graphic design. This will be beneficial to you. It has amazing features. This is a must have to most, if not all graphic designers. But for graphic design contests all you have to do is to make it more original, simply saying that you work with your own capabilities.

In today’s market, graphic designs are used in the web for ads and promotions. A stiff competition is present among graphic designers, especially designers in the web multimedia. All you have to do is make your graphic design, the best graphic design.

Using Calling Cards Wisely

Having a calling card with a good plan on it can be a great deal – and certainly one that holds many benefits for you, both in the short and in the long run. However, using a calling card has some degree of responsibility attached to it – careless use can lead to wasting a lot of money, and since your ultimate goal is to realize some savings through your calling card, this pretty much defeats the whole purpose. In short, just make sure you know what you’re shopping for.

The features on your calling card would vary quite a lot from one company to the other – free calling plans are commonly being used to attract customers, though don’t be so quick to jump on a card that has such a plan just based on that. In many cases it turns out that the company is charging you in other ways in order to prevent their services from costing them too much, and score some good profits.

However, free calling isn’t always a façade for a scam – it can actually be a viable deal, but you must definitely examine it first, in order to make sure it’s such. Take special notice of the payment schedule and the other features of the card – make no mistake in your choice. It also pays to consider the specific company you’re going to buy the card from – if they haven’t been on the market for long, be wary.

Give Asus a piece of your mind!

Asus needs to know how and why you purchased an Eee and what can they do to make sure that your next computer purchase would be from them (well, short of mind control, but Apple’s got the patent on that technology yet).

They’ve created a survey so they could learn more about their customers, and so they could use the information to make their Eee PCs better. More »

My Asus Eee is a Finalist for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards!

And for some non-Eee PC related news: this here blog made it in the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards finals! We’re going against some pretty big blogs here, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck to all the finalists and see you this Friday! More »

Typhoon Ondoy victims in the Philippines need your help

As you may have read in the news already, the Philippines has been hit by one of the strongest typhoons in over 40 years. Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) has displaced hundreds of thousands of families and left hundreds of people dead.

Floods are still everywhere and people are left with no electricity, food, water, and at the worst, no roof over their heads.

Splashpress Media is running a donation drive in aid of the victims of the flooding in Metro Manila. We are starting the donation drive with $1,000 from ourselves. For those who can make credit card payments, you may directly send donations to the Philippine National Red Cross which is one of the bigger organizations organizing and handling aid. However, for those who might prefer PayPal, The Philippine National Red Cross can also accept PayPal payments through this address:

You may link to our campaign drive using some buttons we have created:


You can copy and paste the code below, so you can add a link to our donation page on your blog, website, or social networking profile.

We will list the names and links of all donors here in this post (please email us after you have sent a payment to the Red Cross).

Any help or form of support will be appreciated!

And We’re Back!

Sorry it took a long time in between updates folks. I wondered why my fellow contributors weren’t posting updates. It turned out that something was wrong with our WordPress installation.

Back to regular programming …

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Welcome to

Welcome to I’m a proud owner of an Asus Eee PC 701 since the other day, and I’ve decided to document my experiences with this little wonder.

Up close with the Asus Eee PC

I’m an avid laptop user. In fact, much of my work is done on laptops. My work involves managing a new media network, and running my own sites (both for fun and income). I’m also an aspiring photographer. I tend to lug around my gear wherever I go. Sadly, my 14-inch widescreen laptop is already killing my back whenever I go on trips (not to mention taking up space in my trunk or backseat). What more with carrying a dSLR body and several lenses? So I thought of getting myself an ultraportable.

The Asus Eee PC is severely underpowered by today’s standards, yes. But at that weight/size and price-point–it’s reasonable enough.

So join me in my journey as I document my day to day experiences with the Asus Eee PC. I’ll also share some news, tips and other information on this Christmas season’s must-have-gadget.


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