Asus Honors Warranty Even With Broken Stickers

Asus Eee memory slotIt has been a concern that opening the RAM / mini PCIe slot would void Asus’ limited warranty, because the small yellow sticker that covers one of the screws would inevitably be broken. This meant limited options for upgrades, particularly on the Eee’s memory slot.

Asus clears things up with a press release:

ASUS Computer International (“ASUS”) recently received feedback from one of its valued customers with questions concerning the purpose of a seal stating, “Warranty Void If Removed” over the access door to the single SODIMM slot on some models of the ASUS Eee PC. ASUS wishes to assure its customers that merely breaking or removing this kind of seal will not void the ASUS Limited Warranty.

So basically they say that it’s always best to have your unit serviced by authorized service personnel. Still, for most advanced users, I think accessing the RAM and mini PCIe slot would be simple enough.

Personally, I feel that 512MB of RAM is enough for general purposes, especially when using Xandros. But those who are using Windows XP need that RAM boost, and are better off spending the extra $30 or so for a 1GB stick.

So it’s clear then — you don’t void your warranty opening the access door to the RAM slot. But for more advanced hardware hacks, I think that’s a different story.

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