Asus Eee Pad Transformer: A Perfect Gadget for College Students

The world has seen the surprising buyers’ turnout for the phenomenal Asus EEE PC 700. Why not? It is more than just a better alternative for the XO-1 laptop of the “One Laptop Per Child” campaign. It has lived to be an “easy to learn, easy to work, and easy to play” device for everyone.

But it seems that Asus does not want to end there with its newly released Eee Pad Transformer, the company’s entry to the evolving market for tablet PCs. With its features and price, the Transformer is undeniably the perfect companion not just for those who are taking online information technology degrees, but for every student.

Design-wise, Asus has done a great job for “texturizing” the back of Transformer. So the 1.5-pound device won’t easily slip compared to other tablet PCs with smooth metal cover. Its size is also a plus factor, being just as small as the common spiral notebook. The Transformer has a highly competitive specification with 1GB memory and up to 32GB storage. If that’s not enough for your school and out-of-school files, then maybe an unlimited ASUS Webstorage will keep you satisfied. Plus, it has a Micro SD card reader for easier file backup and transfer.

If critics were happy with iPad’s 10-hour battery life, then they’ll be happier with Transformer’s up to 16 hours of battery life. Best of all, the tablet costs only around $400 and its docking station is priced at about $100. If you will wait for the next quarter, then maybe the Asus Eee Pad Transformer will get cheaper. But there are things that just can’t wait. Like if you want to work in the information technology field, now more than ever is a great time to get started. And with the advent of high quality online information technology degrees you can get qualified quickly and conveniently. Just make sure to choose a school that is regionally accredited, like the ones listed at The Best Colleges, a well-respected college review website.

Besides, what’s better than having the best tablet PC in the world? It is being a part of the industry that has created it.

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