Top 10 Free System Optimization And Diagnostic Tool Every Netbook User Should Install

If you are looking for some excellent netbook system optimization applications and diagnostic tool, you are at the right place. In this piece of writing we have included many free netbook applications which will include some of the great optimization and diagnostic tools for the netbook users. Using netbook from last 2 years, I have tested each software showcased below and suggest you to give it a try and install which suits your system needs.

1. Defraggler

This software is used to defrag the files as well as the entire hard drive. Defraggler is an ultimate Windows application and supports both FAT32 and NTFS file systems. More »

Top 5 Great Customization Tips You Will Love To Use in Asus EE PC

If you are computer fanatic then you must aware of famous the ASUS Eee PC. This award winning PC is known for its simplicity yet it can easily compete with other brands of similar specs. In this article we are going to experiment on some functionality with Xandros operating system that this magical Eee PC delivers which is not commonly known to all. User can have fun while computing. For instance, adding start menu to Eee PC desktop having Xandros OS or using webcam on skype. However one can do it with other ways as well. Let’s have some experiment as well as fun

1. Adding start menu in Eee PC with Xandros OSDo you know you can introduce start menu in Xandros. All you need to give yourself root access. First of all you need to press Ctrl+Alt+T to open Xandros windows. Allow yourself root access by typing “sudo -i” and press enter key. The next step is to create a new directory. For that you have to write “mkdir /home/user/.icewm” within terminal. Now you need to goto copy preferences file to new folder. To execute that you need to put following command into the terminal- “cp /etc/X11/icewm/preferences /home/use/.icewm/”. Now press the enter button. Now launch preference file by providing “nano /home/user/.icewm/preferences” command. Execute it by pressing enter button. Now you are almost done. All you need to modify the value of TaskBarShowStartMenu from 0 to 1 and save it the start menu will be added. More »


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