Do You Have A Portable Printer?

Bringing an Asus Eee PC around is really a huge convenience. Our favorite miniscule mini-laptop started this whole netbook thing. With the dawn of these affordable and slightly underpowered and undersized notebooks, everyone suddenly decided to take this whole portable computing thing seriously. I don’t think I’ve seen that many laptop or netbook toting people […]

Netbook-friendly Linux Apps

I remember the first time I used a netbook. You may do too. You may not remember a lot of details, but you and I can agree that the fact that nothing fits on the damn screen can be annoying. Well, netbooks have come a long way and app makers have finally adopted interfaces that […]

Eee P Netbook is a Great Way to Go Mobile


The Asus Eee PC 1015 Netbook is a great option for anyone who needs a small and quick computer to transport around with them, or for Mac users who find they want something that is Windows compatible as well. Whether searching for web hosting reviews or doing that day’s work while relaxing in a coffee […]