Do You Have A Portable Printer?

Bringing an Asus Eee PC around is really a huge convenience. Our favorite miniscule mini-laptop started this whole netbook thing. With the dawn of these affordable and slightly underpowered and undersized notebooks, everyone suddenly decided to take this whole portable computing thing seriously. I don’t think I’ve seen that many laptop or netbook toting people before, and that’s a good thing.

And that’s the keyword here. Portable. As much as we want to bring our computers with us everywhere we go, there’s a bit of a limitation with carrying our laptops around – how in blue blazes are going to print our documents when needed?

Of course we can upload our files to dropbox, our webmail accounts, or some other cloud storage solution, and go to the nearest internet café to have it printed. And we all know that internet cafés aren’t available everywhere. We may not even have an internet connection – wifi, 3g or otherwise – available to use for uploading our Word documents.

This is why some people opt to buying a portable printer so they can print almost anywhere they want. Of course, it means that they’ll have to bring extra stuff like the printer, paper, and, in some cases, inkjet cartridges. I doubt portable printer owners would bring laser printer toner cartridges around because that would be ridiculous – there are no portable laser printers just yet.

Of course, being portable, these printers would be subject to a few corners cut here and there to ensure that it’ll be light and compact enough to carry around anywhere. You’d lose some features like duplex printing, the clarity of printouts used with Brother printer toner cartidges, and of course I doubt you’d be able to use these gadgets for heavy-duty printing. However, if you need to have hard copies of your documents handy, it won’t hurt to carry one of these babies along with your Asus Eee PC.

Netbook-friendly Linux Apps

I remember the first time I used a netbook. You may do too. You may not remember a lot of details, but you and I can agree that the fact that nothing fits on the damn screen can be annoying.

Well, netbooks have come a long way and app makers have finally adopted interfaces that can be good for netbooks.

One upon a time, most applications were designed for 800 x 600 pixel or lower resolution displays, so of course you could always dig up old programs for your netbook. But a handful of developers are also updating existing applications to optimize them for small screens. Ars Technica has an article on a new version of the Banshee Media Player which has a custom “Cubano” interface designed specifically for netbooks. Banshee was originally designed for Linux, but it also runs on OS X.

[via Liliputing]

The most awesome case for your Asus Eee PC

Guys, remember the NES? Remember the hours spent on it trying to rescue the princess? Now if you want to go on carrying around something that’ll give you lots more geek cred (because, really an Asus Eee is enough to give you geek cred), then you might consider getting a netbook case that’s patterned after the now-iconic NES controller.


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