Micro-blog or regular blog?

Site owners have many options for the way they choose to communicate with the world. Aside from the main content of your site, you can choose to go out and participate in a social media campaign, host an e-mag or be a guest writer for industry publications. The option that the vast majority of site owners are going for is blogging.

A competitor for the humble blog is micro-blogging site Twitter. While a blog takes a fair amount of maintenance to keep up, making regular posts on Twitter can be done via a mobile phone in an idle moment. There are advantages to either option.

The advantages of blogging

Blogging has become the It thing to do for business, as it is a very handy way to add informative content to a website on a regular basis. Blogs also have the possibility of developing a loyal audience, meaning return visitors to the website. Here are some of the advantages of a blog:
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Keep an eye on page load speed

According to recent reports, Google uses page load speed in its algorithm for assessing a website’s worth and eventual search results ranking. Taking this into account and also acknowledging that page load speed is an important element of optimising your site for good web marketing results, we have compiled a list of some online tools that can be very useful. They allow you to identify the factors that can be slowing you down and offer recommendations on how you can speed it up.

Yahoo! Yslow
Of all the speed optimisation tools available this is possibly the most user-friendly and no matter what your experience you will find this a great tool to use. Its main feature is that it provides a means to analyse your web pages with a list of recommendations.

Google Page Speed
Google Page Speed is a tool that has been designed as an add-on to Firefox. In the same way Yslow splits best practices into categories to assess the performance of the website so does this tool. When tests have been carried out results are presented for each of the pages and again tips for improving the speed are provided.

Google Webmaster Tools Site Performance
This tool offers a wealth of information on how well the pages load, whether the speed of the page load has altered over time and compares your loading time to those of other sites. This is an excellent tool if you want to analyse your results and compare them to your competitors.

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Turn an Eee PC 701 into a digital frame

Since we’re going retro and all with the Eee PC 701, let me share you this post I found from Awooga: how to turn an Eee PC 701 into a digital photo frame.

What would you do with 8 hours of battery life?

That guy in the Asus commercial isn’t very imaginative. If I had 8 hours of battery life, I’d go to my secret no electricity lair and plot world domination. What would you do?

Asus Eee Keyboard


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