Windows 7 Installers on USB Available!

From Eweek:

Microsoft is allowing netbook users to download Windows 7, its new operating system, onto a bootable USB or burn it onto a DVD, in yet another move by Redmond to disseminate the operating system to as many users as possible. Although Microsoft reported yet another quarter of declining revenues, executives remain hopeful that Windows 7, rising PC sales and a sunnier economic outlook will translate into a more profitable 2010.

Microsoft has developed a solution for porting Windows 7 onto netbooks that lack a DVD drive: a USB memory stick. The feature was announced during the Windows 7 launch event in New York City on Oct. 22.


ASUS UL30A-A1 Deemed The Best In The Battle Of The 13-Inch CULV Notebooks

Joana Stern of Gizmodo pitted a bunch of the newfangled Windows 7 13-inch CULV notebooks against each other, and guess who won.

If the title of this blog (and blog entry) doesn’t give away the answer yet (poor you), it would be the ASUS UL30A-A1.

It was stacked up against the Acer Aspire Timeline AS3810T-8737, HP Pavilion dm3, and Toshiba Satellite T135.

The ASUS UL30A-A1 is our number one pick for a 13-inch ULV based system. It is thin, light, and comfortable to use for its over 6 and a half hours of juice. The Acer keeps a close second to the ASUS with its long run time and sleek bod. The HP Pavillion dm3 and the Toshiba T135, while still affordable and adequate performers, simply aren’t the best.


Look, Windows 7 For the Eee!

Just a few days ago, Windows 7 finally arrived, and of course we can epect everyone’s favorite netbook line – the Eee. of course – to be rocking the new OS pretty soon.

From Eee User:

The Windows 7 Line-up for Asus has begun, and all our old favorites are now available (or will be) with new configurations, updates and of course, the new operating system. This will undoubtedly bring a steady stream of news our way after this quiet spell, so watch this space.

The Asus Eee PCs to be brought back into the spotlight include the Eee PC 1005HA, 1005HR, 1008HA, T91MT, 1101HA, 1201HA and the 1201N. That of course doesn’t include two nettops, four all-in-one PCs and two ultra thin and light laptops from Asus.

Most of the above models feature a common configuration of a 1.66Ghz processor, 1GB of system memory and 250GB of hard drive space. The above news suggests that any new needed drivers should be along very, very shortly and some users may already have the new updated software to increase stability and wrinkle out any quirks.

Are you guys excited for Windows 7 as much as I am?

Asus UL30A: Unboxing and first impressions [Video]

Brad of Liliputing was able to get his ands on Asus’s snazy new 11.6-inch laptop, the Asus UL30A.

He got a model with 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, and a 13.3 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display and Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics.

The Asus UL30A with Intel integrated graphics gets a higher Windows performance score (3.9).

Here is the unboxing video, by the way:

Asus Eee Keyboard to be used with HDTV

Yeah, I know, this is like my nth post about the Eee Keyboard, but darn it, this is something I wanna see out on the market already.

It’s designed to be a central multimedia point and used with an HDTV display.

It features a 1.6Ghz processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB to 32GB SSD storage, a built-in five inch 800 x 640 touch screen display, 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 and will run Windows. You will be able to use the built-in touch screen as a main display or, as intended, hook it up via VGA or wireless HDMI to an external monitor or display. It’s battery is predicted to get up to four hours of use between charges.

Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure you already knew that. But if you check with the FCC, they already have user manuals of the Eee Keyboard published!

ASUS Reaches Out to Ondoy Flood Victims

If your Asus equipment was damaged during Ondoy’ s wrath, our favorite computer manufactuer (clue: Asus) has a great gesture to Ondoy victims.

Asus, one of the world’s leading computer manufacturers, is extending a special service to victims of the recent flood. From now until October 31, customers whose ASUS products got damaged due to the floods can bring their units to Asus service centers to get free diagnosis and labor. This special service includes all notebooks, Eee PCs, motherboards and video graphic cards including their accessories such as LCD panels and adapters.

Asus will also be giving a twenty (20) percent discount on spare parts as well.

ASUS marketing manager, Jason Teh, notes that this is ‘’a way of providing heart touching service’’ that ASUS has been known for. ‘’We also want to help especially in these times of tragedy even in our own little way and assure our end users that ASUS cares.’’

Customers can visit the following service centers below:

ASUS ROYAL CLUB: #14 United St., Bgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City

ASUSWORLD MEGAMALL: 4/F Cyberzone, SM Megamall Building B, Mandaluyong City (+632 6382955)

ASUSWORLD VIRRAMALL: 4/F Virramall, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City (+632 9943497)

And guys, Ondoy and Pepeng may have left, but people still need help. Don’t forget to donate.

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My Asus Eee is a Finalist for the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards!

And for some non-Eee PC related news: this here blog made it in the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards finals! We’re going against some pretty big blogs here, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck to all the finalists and see you this Friday! More »

Asus Eee PCs with Windows 7 available in Italy

I envy Italians right now. Windows 7 Eee PCs are available in Italy right now, according to Eee User.

The 1005HA will feature the Starter Edition, 1.66Ghz Atom N280, 10.1 inch 1024 x 600 screen, 250GB of disk space, 1GB of system memory and is expected to sell for around US$442.

The 1008HA will also feature the Starter Edition, the same screen size, amount of system memory, storage space and processor as the 1005HA above and is expected to fetch a price of US$590.

The 1101HA will offer Windows 7 Home Premium edition, a 11.6 inch 1366 x 768 screen, the Intel Atom Z520 processor at 1.33Ghz and 2GB of system memory which is expected to carry a price of US$590 as well.

That’s great, really. Now let’s see how Windows 7 netbooks hold up, because I really want to see Windows XP go extinct already.

Typhoon Ondoy victims in the Philippines need your help

As you may have read in the news already, the Philippines has been hit by one of the strongest typhoons in over 40 years. Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) has displaced hundreds of thousands of families and left hundreds of people dead.

Floods are still everywhere and people are left with no electricity, food, water, and at the worst, no roof over their heads.

Splashpress Media is running a donation drive in aid of the victims of the flooding in Metro Manila. We are starting the donation drive with $1,000 from ourselves. For those who can make credit card payments, you may directly send donations to the Philippine National Red Cross which is one of the bigger organizations organizing and handling aid. However, for those who might prefer PayPal, The Philippine National Red Cross can also accept PayPal payments through this address:

You may link to our campaign drive using some buttons we have created:


You can copy and paste the code below, so you can add a link to our donation page on your blog, website, or social networking profile.

We will list the names and links of all donors here in this post (please email us after you have sent a payment to the Red Cross).

Any help or form of support will be appreciated!


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