Arora: Lightweight Browser

Eee users, a little poll here: who else dropped Firefox after 3.5 turned out to be a bloated monster that crashed on underpowered computers every other minute? Sure, I disabled a lot of addons, but still it crashes like crazy. I’ve been using Chrome as my primary browser for a while now, and it’s been […]

No Major Releases from Asus this Year

Read this interesting article, and the insights from EeeUser: Asus have released quite a few netbooks in the first half of 2009, between the Seashell series and the touch screen netbooks, Asus have been pretty busy. However, according to some industry sources, that is all we can expect to see from the Asus line for […]

Tiny Core Linux Update Available

An update for Tiny Core Linux is available for download at the official site. According to Eee User, Tiny Core Linux, the Linux distribution that was almost custom made for the Eee PC, works great on the Asus netbooks, and flies on the Asus Eee PC 701. Tiny Core Linux v2.2 is available for download […]

Moblin Asus Eee PCs?

Confession time folks: I hated Xandros. Well, kind of. Which is why I decided to switch to eeeXubuntu a couple of months after I first got my Eee. Which is why I’m excited to know that Asus may finally let go of its dependence on Xandros, and release a netbook running Moblin Linux soon. We […]

The Eee PC 1101HA’s battery life is awesome

Asus’ first 11.6 inch netbook’s battery life is great, according to a review by Laptop Magazine. Come on, it can run for 8 hours and 44 minutes on a charge with the included 6 cell battery. How cool is that? Well, not really. Because it runs on the 1.33HGz Intel Atom Z520 CPU and Intel […]

Asus EEE PCs to be sold with Moblin 2.0?

According to starting Octobre 2009 Asus wil sell netbooks with Moblin 2.0 pre-installed. It is not known if this will include the whole Asus EEE range or only be a secondary option. Asus is also in talks with Google to launch netbooks with Google Chrome OS.

Windows 7 Eee PCs: How they fare against XP

Okay, in Australia: Eees preinstalled with the much-awaited Windows 7 have been compared against the long-running netbook favorite, Windows XP. And here are the results: The Windows 7 RC had all the usual tests thrown at it, including HD Tune, Geekbench, Cinebench, 3DMark06, wPrime, PCMark05 and Sandra 2009. The results indicate that Windows 7 performed […]