Another Eee Tablet PC Hack

Want to build your own tablet PC out of the Eee? An Eee user owner posted about his experience here. Check it out.

You can use the Eee 1000HE keyboard on the 1000H

So you’re excited about the Eee 1000HE’s new chiclet-style keyboard but you can’t be bothered to buy the newer netbook?

You can just order a replacement Eee 1000HE keyboard from Asus for $15 and it should fit. Awesome, right?

[via Liliputing]

Turn a CompactFlash card into a SSD. Kind of.

So you want to swap out your old HD for one of those new SSDs you keep on hearing about? But those darn SSDs are quite expensive. Well, there’s a way: with the CompactSTOR CS1T, you can turn any CompactFlash drive into an SSD. Kind of.

The CompactSTOR CS1T utilizes pocket-sized lightweight Compact Flash cards as storage memory for data safekeeping. Designed with the same size and connectors as a 2.5” SATA hard drive, the CS1T is compatible with the hard drive slot of laptops, industrial PCs (IPC), small form factor computers, and 2.5” hard drive enclosures. By utilizing Compact Flash cards as storage, the CS1T embraces the same benefits as Solid State Disks (SSD), including less power consumption, minimized heat generation, shock prevention, and noiseless operation.

Basically, it’s a CF enclosure. Would you try this out? I know I would.

Ubuntu 9.04 Released Today

If you’re one of those who prefer Linux over Windows, you’d be happy to know that the latest and final RC of Ubuntu 9.04 has been released last April 18, and that today marks the official release.

The 9.04 release of Ubuntu also integrates the Netbook Remix software, which makes Ubuntu easier to use on the popular low-powered laptops that have come to be known as Netbooks. Ubuntu 9.04 is known to work on Asus’ Eee PC 900, Acer’s Aspire One, and Dell’s Mini 9 devices.

Download it here.

3 Major Differences between the Eee PC 1000H and 1000HE has posted a review of the Eee PC 1000HE, and they have observed a few differences between this model and the venerable 1000H, probably the best Eee for a while.

Here are three major differences between the two netbooks:

  • The chicklet-style keyboard – This is probably the feature that everybody notices right off the bat. The Eee PC 1000HE’s keyboard is claimed by Asus to have the 92% of the size of a full keyboartd.
  • Longer battery life – Its 8700-mAh lithium ion battery can max out up to around 7 hours of normal computing. This definitely an improvement over earlier Eee models.
  • The Eee PC 1000HE performs faster than the 1000H – Thanks to a better Atom N280 processor. I don’t agree with this one, because I don’t know how an extra 0.06 of power can do anything significant. But if you can see a change, good for you.

Check the full review at

Eee PC 701 OS X

Eee PC users, remember the good ole days of the 701? Remember the mad scramble to install Windows because Xandros wasn’t powerful enough for some people? Remember the brave few souls who tried installing Mac OS X on their severely underpowered 701s?

For the sake of posterity, I’m posting this video of a user running OS X on the 701.

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Puppeee Linux!

From Liliputing:

I took Pupeee 4.2 for a spin on an Eee PC 1000H and it was able to boot from a flash drive in about 45 seconds. Once loaded, programs launch quickly and the operating system feels very responsive. Performing some tasks like configuring the netbook to join your wireless network aren’t as intuitive with Pupeee Linux as they are with some other Linux distributions like Eeebuntu. But Eeebuntu won’t fit on a 128MB flash drive.

You can either run Pupeee as a LiveUSB (which means you can boot from the flash drive every time but your settings won’t be saved), or choose to create a save file when you exit so that your data and settings are saved. You can also install Pupee to your hard drive or solid state disk.

The Eee PC Facebook Group’s Identity Crisis

So I am just too big of an Eee PC fan and I decided to join the official Eee PC Facebook Group. Funny thing is that the group seems to be in the middle of an identity crisis right now. I logged into Facebook and I saw this:

So, what gives?

Netbook Processor Showdown

So, CNET pitted these 3 netbook processors against each other in a series of benchmark tests.

As one might expect, there’s no clear winner. We sampled three laptops, one with each processor, and in this particular grouping, the system with the Intel Atom was fastest in our multitasking test (but none of these single-core systems were particular adept at this task), but the one with the Via Nano was the fastest in one of our single-application tests (in this case, our iTunes encoding test), while the Netbook with the AMD Neo was fastest in another single-app test using Jalbum, a photo program we sometimes use in place of Photoshop for low-power or Linux-based systems. The Neo is theoretically the fastest of these CPUs, but it’s also running Windows Vista, which has historically been less suited for Netbook-style laptops than XP.

[via CNET]

Eee Top Unboxing Video


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