Turn a CompactFlash card into a SSD. Kind of.

So you want to swap out your old HD for one of those new SSDs you keep on hearing about? But those darn SSDs are quite expensive. Well, there’s a way: with the CompactSTOR CS1T, you can turn any CompactFlash drive into an SSD. Kind of. The CompactSTOR CS1T utilizes pocket-sized lightweight Compact Flash cards […]

Ubuntu 9.04 Released Today

If you’re one of those who prefer Linux over Windows, you’d be happy to know that the latest and final RC of Ubuntu 9.04 has been released last April 18, and that today marks the official release. The 9.04 release of Ubuntu also integrates the Netbook Remix software, which makes Ubuntu easier to use on […]

Eee PC 701 OS X

Eee PC users, remember the good ole days of the 701? Remember the mad scramble to install Windows because Xandros wasn’t powerful enough for some people? Remember the brave few souls who tried installing Mac OS X on their severely underpowered 701s? For the sake of posterity, I’m posting this video of a user running […]

Puppeee Linux!

From Liliputing: I took Pupeee 4.2 for a spin on an Eee PC 1000H and it was able to boot from a flash drive in about 45 seconds. Once loaded, programs launch quickly and the operating system feels very responsive. Performing some tasks like configuring the netbook to join your wireless network aren’t as intuitive with […]

Netbook Processor Showdown

So, CNET pitted these 3 netbook processors against each other in a series of benchmark tests. As one might expect, there’s no clear winner. We sampled three laptops, one with each processor, and in this particular grouping, the system with the Intel Atom was fastest in our multitasking test (but none of these single-core systems […]