ASUS Eee PC S101H Reviewed

Portable Monkey has a review of the Asus Eee PC S10H, which was recently released in Japan. The new ASUS Eee PC S101H fails to be more attractive than it’s near rivals, the Eee PC S101 and 1002HA but if you just consider it for what it is, it is a very nice, very quiet, […]

Asus netbook price hikes?

Asus has plans to raise prices on all its existing and upcoming notebooks including its Eee PC netbooks by as much as 20 percent. The current financial climate and an increase in the cost of computer parts and manufacturing operations were cited as reasons behind the price hikes. The company said it is also restructuring […]

Eee PC 1000HE Reviewed

Laptop Mag gets its hands on an Eee 1000HE, and are they so happy with it. In fact, they’ve given it 4/5 stars! What a difference a better keyboard makes. On paper the ASUS Eee PC 1000HE ($399) is nearly identical to its predecessor, the 1000H. It has the same attractive, high-gloss chassis, the same […]

Intel Atom N280 CPU now shipping

The new Intel Atom N280 processor with the GN40 chipset is now available. That means we’ll be seeing the new processor on newer netbooks in the future. According to Liliputing: The new CPU has a top clock speed of 1.66GHz, which makes it a tiny bit faster than the Intel Atom N270 CPU which tops […]

Crippled Windows-7 for Netbooks

This is bad. Liliputing replorts that Windows 7 for netbooks won’t be as functional as we hoped it would be: Windows 7 Starter edition kind of sucks. Sure, you get the new Windows 7 taskbar and Home Group features. But you can only run up to 3 applications at a time. Sure, it’s tough to […]

OS X runs on netbooks as well as 4 year old iBook g4

So netbooks are as good as 4-year old iBook G4s, eh? Who would’ve thought? Basically, the test involved pitting an iBook G4 and a MacBook Air against an Advent 4211, which is a rebranded MSi Wind U100. In several benchmarking tests, the Advent 4211 outperformed the iBook G4, although it didn’t come close to touching […]

Asus 1000HE

The new Asus 1000HE has a higher capacity battery (7-9.5 hours), and has the new chicklet-style keyboard that everyone’s excited about (especially touch-typists).

Windows 7 runs on UMPC With 600Mhz CPU and 512MB of RAM

Slashgear was able to successfully run Windows 7 on an Amtek U560 UMPC. It uses an intel A100 processor running at just 600MHz; it also only has 512MB of RAM. Let’s see how it works: And it does! So if the Amtek U560, which has more or less the basic hardware specs of the Eee […]

New SSDs for the Asus Eee S101

SuperTalent is offering new SSDs for the Eee PC S101. The flash memory is embedded on a mini-PCIe board and can be had in three different capacities: 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB. Super Talent says that regardless of the capacity, each module offers maximum read and write speeds of 90MBps and 55MBps, respectively.