Merry Christmas from My Asus Eee

Here’s wishing you and your families a blessed Christmas. So, who got an Asus Eee as a Christmas gift this year? Or, who gave out Asus Eee units as gifts? Or perhaps you bought yourself the Asus Eee as your gift to yourself this season. Would be interesting to know how many people had the […]

Are You One Of the 350,000 Asus Eee PC Owners?

According to Digitimes, Asus has exceeded its own sales expectations for the Eee PC. In less than one quarter, accumulated worldwide shipments of Asustek Computer’s Eee PC have reached nearly 350,000 units, exceeding the estimated 300,000 units made by industry watchers, according to the company. The Eee PC will also extend its presence further in […]

Eee Browser Wars: Firefox vs. Opera

Firefox vs. Opera: Who wins? I’ve been quite happy with the Mozilla Firefox browser that comes with the default installation of the Eee. However, the Eee’s screen resolution (800 x 480) would mean that websites designed for a higher resolution would have those annoying horizontal scrollbars at the bottom of the screen. And since we […]

Everex Cloudbook: Eee Rival?

The Eee is indeed among the hottest gadgets this Christmas shopping season. But what about other alternatives (Eees are sold out in many places, after all). Here’s one: the Everex Cloudbook. According to Ubergizmo, it could make for good competition to the Eee. This Linux-powered UMPC touts to follow the Eee PC in many aspects, […]

Asus Eee Choking on 512MB of RAM

If you think 512MB is enough to run Xandros Linux on, you’re probably right. That is for the average user, though. For someone like me, whose work involves new media (managing a ton of sites via Web and FTP) 512 megabytes is usually not enough. That’s even when running on Linux. Last night, I experienced […]

3G on the Asus Eee using an LG KU250 (Updated)

The LG KU250 is touted as the “3G for all” phone, being the cheapest 3G-enabled phone around. It usually retails for just over $100 (bought mine for about $142). In my country 3G / GPRS rates are not really cheap, but one of the operators–Smart–offers unlimited connectivity for PhP 10 per 30 minutes. That’s approximately […]

Asus Honors Warranty Even With Broken Stickers

It has been a concern that opening the RAM / mini PCIe slot would void Asus’ limited warranty, because the small yellow sticker that covers one of the screws would inevitably be broken. This meant limited options for upgrades, particularly on the Eee’s memory slot. Asus clears things up with a press release: ASUS Computer […]

Sleep/Standby Times Not Very Good

One thing I loved about my old PowerBook (and any Mac laptop in general) was that the sleep times were very long. For some reason, the OS or the architecture of Apple notebooks was so power-efficient that you can actually leave it on standby mode (called sleep by Mac users) for days, but the drain […]